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Burton Mighty Pants – Warm & Cozy
February 27, 2009
The Award for Best Water in the World Goes to…
February 27, 2009

You know you are a REAL female rider if…

  • You’ve broke a nail on your clutch or front brake
  • Your perfume smells like eau de exhaust
  • You have specific riding shoes so you don’t have shifter marks on your cute ones
  • Your helmet has makeup on the inside of it
  • You take the “windswept” hair look to a level never seen before
  • You’ve spent hours trying to untangle your hair after a long day of riding
  • You have tan lines on your wrists from wearing your riding gloves
  • You have had mascara in your eyes cause they were watering from riding so fast
  • You have rode up to a restuarant or bar and had to go pick bugs off your face before you could go hang out with your friends
  • You’ve ripped out your earings puttin your helmet on or taking it off
  • You would rather talk about fuel injected vs carbourated, than coach vs dooney
  • You know that 600, 650, 750, 900, 929, 999 are cc’s for bikes and not area codes
  • You’ve asked your boyfriend for parts for your bike instead of jewlery
  • You care more about the gearing ratio on your bike than how current or “hip” your jeans are….
  • You know that a Power Commander is not a video game
  • You check your backpack when you travel and carry on your helmet

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