Women’s Lacrosse – Participation in High School and College

Women’s Participation – High School
Over 15,000 women participate in lacrosse at 600 high schools which currently sponsor programs that are either sanctioned by the athletic department or are recognized as school affiliated club teams.

Lacrosse programs began in eastern preparatory schools and have expanded to public and parochial schools nationwide. Since January 2000 alone, four states (California, Georgia, Illinois and Minnesota) have sanctioned lacrosse. The NFHS reported 74,225 male and female students played in 2001, a 20 percent increase from 2000 and better than a 100 percent increase since 1995.

  • More than 450 high schools sponsor varsity programs.
  • Approximately 150 high schools are building towards varsity by offering structured interscholastic “club” programs.
  • More than 125 schools have junior varsity and freshman programs.
  • The average team consists of 20-25 players.
  • Women’s Participation – College and University

  • Over 5,500 women participate in lacrosse programs at 240 colleges and universities, sanctioned either by the athletic department or the club sports department.
  • 248 participating NCAA Division 1, 2 and 3 universities and college teams compete for the national championships.
  • Over 50 participating NCAA Division 1, 2 and 3 universities and colleges are building towards varsity programs offering structured intercollegiate “club” programs.
  • The average program has 20-25 players.
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