Pretty Tough Volleyball

Volleyball Cheers

Pretty Tough VolleyballLet us know if you have any cheers to add:

You gotta bump to set
You gotta set to spike
You gotta spike to win
Let’s Goooo… (Team Name)


Ace, Ace Baby
(To the tune “Ice Ice Baby”)

Bump, Set, Spike, Score
Never let it hit the floor!
GO (Team Name)

Bump, Set, Spike, Score
That’s what volleyball is for!

Bump, Set, Spike it
That’s the way we like it.

Bump Bump Bump It Up!!!
[team repeats]
Bump That (Team Name) Spirit Up!!!
[team repeats]
Spike Spike Spike It Down
[team repeats]
Spike The Ball Onto Their Ground
[team repeats]
Win Win Win The Game
[team repeats]

Uno dos tres,
Ace ace ace!

We’re fired up, we’re sizzlin’
We’re turnin’ up the heat
’cause when it comes to volleyball
We just can’t be beat!

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