[Video] Meet dancer Lauren Froderman – G Series Fit ambassador

Soon after crossing the graduation stage at a Phoenix  high school, 18-year-old Lauren Froderman danced across the stage on “So You Think You Can Dance.” and went on to win season seven. During the competition, the contemporary jazz dancer was best known for her ability to effortlessly pick up other styles including hip-hop, ballroom and Bollywood. Many viewers cite the ‘My Chick Bad’ routine with tWitch as a favorite.

Froderman’s been dancing since she was three and has performed with the Phoenix Rockettes, on school dance and cheer squads, and during studio dance competition. When she was named America’s Favorite Dancer (and the winner of a $250,000 prize) judge Mary Murphy said “You have to have a great personality to win this show and be a really great dancer and Lauren has both. She seemed to have that almost zen-like experience and flow to the way that she moved, which was really lovely to watch. ”

Since wrapping the show, Froderman has been going non-stop.

We had the opportunity to catch up with her at the G Series Fit launch in Los Angeles and got an update on what she’s up to. Check out the exclusive video here:

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