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January 24, 2010
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January 25, 2010

Procyclist: Training in Tucson, AZ

laurenhall_cyclocrossOnce I got my preliminary race agenda from the team director at the beginning of the month, I decided to head south to Tucson, AZ for some warm weather training.

It seems that a lot of cyclists try to find somewhere warm to start off training for the season, it kind of refreshes the mind and gives you a fresh look on things. I actually ran into one of my former cyclocross teammates on one of the rides. She recognized the team kit and ended up riding with me and a fellow cyclist for about 10miles. Friends sure do help pass the miles quickly! Unfortunately she is racing for another team.  I think she is a cool chick and she is going to be one heck of a force to deal with but….that’s racing. We are friends off the bike but on the bike, we have to fight each other for OUR team goals. As long as you can keep the two separate, things are fine.

So I’m headed back to Dolores, CO tomorrow. I’ll have  time to pick up my dog, check out everything at the house and get ready for my next trip.  I miss my sweet Lab, Miller, and I have to make sure after three feet of snow in less than two days that everything at the house is fine. Then either I will head back to Tucson for more warm weather training or hopefully head to Santa Cruz, CA. I’ve never been there before and I love new places! Plus, that is where training camp is in March, so I would like to check it out! Or I guess I can wait and experience it with the team, either way is good with me.

Part of being a professional athlete is being able to go with the flow. People will be late, dinner will take a long time, plans will change…you have to be able to adapt and not let things like that worry you one bit, if not it just adds to the overall stress. We should have enough to worry about with winning, team goals, communication with others, personal goals and failure….yes FAILURE, no one is perfect, no one team is perfect and everyone has to deal with adversity. It is how you handle adversity that can take you to the next level. So think about that the next time someone gets in your face about something e.g. the boss is being a pain or a teacher is asking more than you think you can give…….

Maybe they are just seeing how you can handle adversity and see how you overcome it…..a true leader? Winner? Or someone who caves…….your call.

Me, I love it all and I feel blessed that I believe I can come through anything and  be a winner and a leader no matter what comes my way….

(Editors Note: Lauren Hall quit her job of five years to pursue a professional cycling career. She moved from Mississippi all the way to Colorado for the best training anywhere and has embarked on her first cyclocross season.)

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