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January 22, 2013
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February 1, 2013

girlsclub_baseballPublished by the Game On! Sports Girls Talk Blog (

One of the advantages of participating in sports is playing on and bonding with teams throughout the years. Taking this benefit even a step further, you tend to play against the same local or regional teams from year to year. So you start recognizing the same faces and before you know it, you have made friends with many athletes from different communities.

So the question becomes, how do you really compete against your friends? How do you go hard against people you care about? For many athletes it becomes a challenge to play the game the way it is supposed to be played – AGAINST the other team.

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard the coach instruct their players to “go after the ball – take it away.” And a team member responds with, “But she is my friend!”

I offer a few tips that have proven useful over the years:

1)   Always great to begin with an example of role models that are close friends but compete hard against each other when it comes to finishing on top.

Take for example “The Fab 5,” our USA Gymnastics Olympic Gold Medal team. Individual events force them to compete against their teammates and best friends for that top step on the podium. Consider part of an article written by USA Today: ‘Though many think rivals must be enemies, former U.S. Olympian Shawn Johnson has said that’s not necessarily the case. ‘In everyone’s mind, they think, ‘Why would you be best friends with your biggest competitor?’ What they don’t see is we grew up with each other, we push each other, support each other, room together. Yes, there’s rivalry. Yes, there’s tense times. We’re all teenage girls, all going through teenage drama, we fight and love each other like sisters.’

For Wieber and Raisman, that has always been the case. ‘We always room together and always have the best time,’ Raisman said. During their journey to London, Wieber, Raisman and Maroney have chronicled their friendship in Tweets. One picture of all three crammed together in an ice bath post-competition, shivering, huddling together, perhaps captured their friendship the best.”

2)   Understand that line between on the court and off. Friendship and competition can exist side by side. It’s about giving your all while competing. When done, leave it behind.

3)   Respect, Respect, Respect! True friends will always respect each other as long as intentions are good and values are in line. Remember that being a rival on the court does not translate to taking on a “mean” demeanor or attitude.  In addition, “sports opponents” are not synonymous with “enemies.”

4)   Realize that your friends would not appreciate it if you did not play your best. Remember that athletes like to EARN their victories.

5)   Understand that friends like to help each other to improve. By playing hard, you are helping your friend to get better. Again, think of the Fab 5. They push each other in practices and compete fiercely during meets. And they appreciate the contagious motivation and drive that results.

Hope these tips help and look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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