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Motocross has often been relegated to “the guys.” All of the dirty, grimy, greasy, and brutal tendencies of the sport unleash a certain type of blood lust that is genetically wired in the brains of almost every guy. But with more men finding themselves in designer fashion stores and the hair product aisles of Walgreens, women have also ventured off the beaten path of traditional femininity.

While putting the Lingerie Football League on the back-burner, women have started participating in more violent sports tailored to the brute strength of men over the past two decades. While the WNBA may have started the trend, rougher sports like hockey, boxing, and even MMA have seen a rise in female interest. It could be something about the hormones in the meat we are eating, but it could also be a testament to how far women have come in terms of equal rights.

The women’s pro motocross circuit has increased in popularity so much that fans are lining up to purchase presale tickets. The Lucas Oil 2012 AMA Motocross Pro Championship has recently released tour dates and made tickets available to the public. The tour runs from early summer to early fall and features some of the most popular motocross locations scattered across the country. Cities everywhere from Sacramento to New Berlin, NY will be represented in the 2012 edition of this series.

Spectators can look to see an equal amount of action from the female competitors as their male counterparts. The training regiments and practice routines are as daunting and dangerous as they are spectacular and death-defying “It’s amazing to see how fast these women can ride” says John at MotocrossGear.com. “Their training and stamina is amazing.”

While the sport of Motocross may be rugged, there is in no way that there is any loss of femininity. There is a whole line of practical gear and accessories for any female looking to get into the world of motocross. The Icon Alliance Womens Speedmetal Helmet with aerodynamic developments and a more comfortable and oval shaped lining provides riders with a completely safe and natural experience, all while donning the popular hot pink color that makes riders stand out on the track.

While Women’s Motocross may not have the same popularity of their male counterparts, there is no doubt that the perception of a feeble and fragile lady on the dirt track is a thing of the past. Maybe in the next couple of years we will start to see some stars emerge along the lines of Ricky Carmichael and Bob Hannah.

December 28, 2011

The Rising Popularity of Women’s Motocross

Motocross has often been relegated to “the guys.” All of the dirty, grimy, greasy, and brutal tendencies of the sport unleash a certain type of blood […]
September 27, 2010

Iranian woman chasing her racing dream

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August 3, 2008

Tarah Geiger claims first women’s Moto X Racing gold medal

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