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Jennie Finch on Celebrity Apprentice Jan. 4, 2008 – After switching dates and time slots twice, The Celebrity Apprentice premiered last night at 9 p.m. on NBC.

 The show opened as fourteen celebrity contestants dramatically sauntered into the boardroom to hear their first assignment from Donald Trump. Jennie Finch looked amazing, wearing a khaki colored suit. Trump split the celebrities into two groups: the women verses the men, assigning both to create a team name and pick a project manager

Check out a quick rundown of the show in case you missed it.

 Hydra, the men’s team, chose actor, Stephen Baldwin, as their manager. While, Empresario, the women’s team, chose former Apprentice star, Omorosa, as their manager. Trump informed the contestants the challenge was to sell hotdogs on the streets of New York City. The team that raises the most money wins.

As the contestants met to discuss strategies, tensions mounted when Omorosa seemed curt and short, telling the women not to use their celebrity and looks to bring in money.  The men, on the other hand, immediately began working together, contacting big wigs to help their cause and making plans to sell pictures and autographs with the hotdogs. 

At first, the men bombed the challenge waiting for their heavyweights to show and trying to convince people to pay $100 for a hot dog, but then they rallied, when KISS singer, Gene Simmons’s contacts began arriving, shelling out $10,000 a hot dog. The women, on the other hand, clad in matching red, white, and blue hats and t-shirts, were only raking in about five dollar a hot dog, until actress, Marilou Henner and Jennie Finch began calling their New York celebrities and contacts to raise big bucks. Finch was able to convince New York Met, David Wright, to make an appearance and donation, helping their cause.

The men earned over $52,000 easily winning the challenge. After a nasty boardroom battle between Omorosa, Playboy playmate, Tiffany Fallon, and model, Carol Alt, Donald Trump fired Fallon because she failed to use her high dollar Hugh Hefner contact to help their cause. Finch was spared and spoke up against Omorosa, complaining about wearing hats and t-shirts, feeling that they hid their recognizable celebrity faces. 

All in all, Celebrity Apprentice was viewable. It’s fun to watch celebrities handle business challenges and think outside the box to earn money for charity. Fastpitch fans will not be disappointed with Finch’s performance. She’s both business smart and a born leader.

What did you think of Celebrity Apprentice?  

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