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Name: Malia Manuel

Sport: Surfing

Nickname:  MM

Birthdate: 8/9/93

Birthplace: Wailua, Hawaii

Current residence: Wailua, Hawaii

Home break: Kaua’i

Stance: Natural Name: Malia Manuel


Favorite Sports Moment (as a fan): Watching Andy Irons win his World Titles

Favorite Workout Music: Anything upbeat that gets ya movin’

Favorite Place(s) to Shop: Fashion Island, Newport Beach

Hobbies and Interests: Surfing, yoga, running,

Superstition: Waxing my board before every surf

If I wasn’t a surfer my dream job: Would be anything that involves the ocean

Favorite Books/TV Shows: The Help / Sons of Anarchy

Pet Peeves: Bringing a crowd to the surf

Lucky charm or pre comp ritual: Braiding my hair before a comp

Special or secret talent:  Cooking

Fave quote or inspiration: “Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake”

One thing people might not know about you? I’ve never gone snowboarding

How would friends describe you? They say hanging out with me is like going to boot camp. Haha.

How old we’re you when you started surfing competitively (or professionally)? 8

2011- Top Qualifier for the Elite ASP Women?s World Tour – age 18
2011- WQS 6star, Azores Islands Champion – age 18
2011- WQS 6star, Pantin Spain Champion – age 18
2011- Cover of TransWorld Surf Magazine (2nd female ever) – age 17
2010- Hawaii World Team member – age 16
2009- Hawaii World Team member – age 15
2009- US Open Junior Womens Champ – age 15
2009- Junior Women Regional Champ – age 15
2009- VQS Champion – age 14
2008- International Grom Search Champ – age 14
2008- Junior Women Regional Champ -age 14
2008- Hawaii World Team Member – age 14
2008- NSSA National champ Explorer Womens – age 14
2007- NSSA Middle School girls National Champion -age 13
2006- NSSA Open Women runner up – age 12
2005- Hawaii World Team member – age 11
2004- Surfing America Champion National Title – age 10
2002- 1st Annual Irons Brothers Classic winner – age 8


What’s your first surf memory?  Getting pushed in a wave at Hanalei with my parents

What do you love most about your sport? No matter what kind of mood you’re  in, the ocean gives you great peace and serenity

Describe a perfect day:

Rise early
Surf a couple hours
Make a smoothie for breakfast
Go for a run
Shop at the farmers market
Another surf sesh
Yoga in evening

Can you tell us a little about the different styles of surfing? what’s your favorite and why?

I believe everyone is born with their own unique style. There’s an aggressive approach to waves that some people have and then there’s flowing types of styles. My favorite style are the ones of the Kauai boys like Dustin Barca and Andy Irons. They have this powerful grace that is pleasing to watch.

At 14 you became the youngest female to win the U.S. Open – too young to drive, what did you do with the car you won? 

I won a jet ski and you just need to get certified to drive it:)

Favorite surf spot and why? Anywhere in Hawaii because of the scenery that surrounds you.

What kind of board do you use? Any other shout outs for gear? I mostly ride Mayhem surfboards shaped by Matt Biolis. I also have a few big wave boards by Glenn Minami.

Worst wipeout? It happens.

Top health & fitness tips to help your athletic performance? Everyone’s different so finding what works best for your body.

What was the best piece of advice you ever received? From who? Last night a friend told me  “Your entourage is important .”

Do you have any causes or charities that are close to your heart? Being apart of B4BC is such a privilege. I am an activist for living a healthy lifestyle and being aware of your body. I love being able to encourage people to eat right, stay active, and promote early detection for breast cancer.  B4BC has inspired me to further the awareness of a healthy lifestyle with everyone. For as long as I remember B4BC has been sharing their mission and supporting their team riders at several of my surfing events.

Superhero or Princess? Who do you identify with most?  I wouldn’t mind being best at both!

What makes you Pretty Tough? Growing up with all my Kauai brothers.


Success is … worth the work.

Happiness is …  life.

My greatest fear is … getting injured.

My biggest challenge is … not smiling.


Sunset or Pipeline? Sunset

Facebook or Twitter? FB

Diamonds or Pearls? Tahitian Pearls

Board Games or Card Games?  Card Games

Dogs or Cats?  Both

Rom-Coms or Horror flicks? Romantic comedy

December 1, 2012

December Athlete of the Month: Malia Manuel

Name: Malia Manuel Sport: Surfing Nickname:  MM Birthdate: 8/9/93 Birthplace: Wailua, Hawaii Current residence: Wailua, Hawaii Home break: Kaua’i Stance: Natural Name: Malia Manuel BACKGROUND: Favorite Sports […]
November 23, 2012

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