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So…this is my very first post on the Pretty Tough website!! Anyone that knows me and my husband knows that we eat, sleep, and breath four wheelers…with a garage full of toys its hard not to want to ride them all the time….

My husband has been riding for what seems like forever….I’ve been riding about 2 years…he does harescrambles, I stick to mx/sx……UNTIL NOW!!!

November 25, 2007 I ran my very first harescramble… was a buddy race…one quad, 2 riders, switching every other lap. I was soo nervous, my husband does so well with harescrambles…and me never riding one before, I wanted to make sure I didn’t disappoint him. I must say that harescramble riders really are awesome…to be a decent racer you must be conditioned, have the stamina to go the fastest you can for over an hour and a half…you have to have the strength to get yourself out of some serious binds…kinda like the mudhole I got stuck in…

The race was incredible….mud, hail, rain, cold….anything than what I had hoped it to be, but I still powered through. I made it a goal to finish the race, knowing that the odds were against me, being my first race and all….we entered into the C class, which just so happened to be the biggest class with 16 teams…the first lap I flipped my 400ex, it landed on my back, and I must say, I had the bruises to prove it! I hit so many dang trees that first lap from trying to be so fast…I learned on the second lap that going slower meant not hitting so many trees…making you actually faster in the long run, third lap was good, until I hit the deep muddy corner rut I got stuck in…I had done great all day, and then, I was beat…I couldn’t get out no matter what I tried….thank GOD for a course worker who helped me…and the Pretty Tough stickers plastered all over my 400ex that helped me to believe in myself when I was needing strength….

Overall, we finished 8th out of 16 teams…I had little girls cheering for me, they were so happy a girl was racing…and even though I was disappointed that I had gotten so stuck that I needed help getting out, I went on and finished….and I didn’t come in last…I believed in myself and my abilities…something most people fail to do when they are against the odds.


December 6, 2007

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So…this is my very first post on the Pretty Tough website!! Anyone that knows me and my husband knows that we eat, sleep, and breath four wheelers…with […]
December 1, 2007

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November 28, 2007

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