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NMercer Pretty Tough#BeautifullyPowerful – We are redefining girliness and femininity.

We are a little bit tough – a tad bit sweetheart and made of a lot more than sugar and spice. We are defined by our desire to push limits, our quest for adventure and our ability to create social change by challenging stereotypes.


Mission Statement:

Pretty Tough is the premier brand and media property providing high-quality, specialty content, products and services for girls worldwide. We do this via our online community and through the creation of books, videos and consumer products. Our brand empowers and motivates young women to remain true to their grace, strength and individuality.

Pretty Tough FaceWho We Are:

We may not always be neat and sweet. We may not be demurely domestic and we are definitely not damsels in distress.  We may not always measure up to an idealized, version of ladylike-ness  and we are more likely to be warrior princesses than pink princesses.

We live by the Muay Thai mantra, “Soft as silk, hard as diamond.”  We are multi-dimensional beings who can’t be put in a box.  We like to play hard and run fast. We exceed expectations and defy labels. We are pretty and tough. We are Pretty Tough.

The girls profiled on these pages surf 20 foot waves, dunk basketballs, sail off vert ramps, hit home runs, beat guys on the motor track, and more.  They ride bulls and bucking broncos. They box and wrestle. And if they have to beat the boys to do it – they will.

Being pretty and tough are not mutually exclusive. Being a female athlete is not an oxymoron. Girls should embrace their duality and understand their choices are not limited to one persona or another. Being a tomboy does not prevent a girl from being girly and being feminine does not make her weak or less intelligent.

Pretty Tough was established as a voice for all the girls who kick butt in all aspects of their lives. We  draw attention to the strengths girls possess and inspire them to feel beautiful because of their incredible abilities. We make strength and courage  accessible to all girls. Whether you’re looking for information or inspiration, you’ll find it here. Check back often as we update the site regularly.

Drawing on an A-list creative and professional team well-versed in the teen and sports and lifestyle markets, the Pretty Tough mission is to blend positive messages with entertaining vehicles and products and deliver a wide range of relevant on and off-line content.

Pretty Tough BooksPretty Tough Books & Movies:

You can’t be what you don’t see.  When we were growing up it was hard to find strong, active female characters in popular culture. With Pretty Tough, we hope to change that paradigm. Since our launch, we have discovered that girls and young women have a very visceral connection to our brand. They  intuitively understand they should not be reduced to one identity. We’re constantly trying to educate publishers, network executives, TV producers and filmmakers that girls are multi-dimensional characters who need not be relegated to secondary roles. Can the popular jock in a novel or TV show be a girl? You bet. Gender does not dictate character; experience does.

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Company Profile

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Company Profile

  • Pretty Tough was launched by Jane Schonberger and Alex Morency to empower girls and support their competitive endeavors.
  • Pretty Tough develops and produces a variety of products and services for young women, their families and coaches – products that inspire them to achieve their goals, whatever they may be.
  • Pretty Tough works with leading sports foundations and girls’ organizations to help promote sports and healthy lifestyles to young women.

The executive team at Pretty Tough has over two decades of experience in youth sports, as well as long, and successful careers in entertainment, brand marketing, and consumer products.

  • Pretty Tough recognizes that girls change personas as easily as they change uniforms.
  • Pretty Tough is about showing attitude on and off the field and stretching limits before, during and after a competition.
  • Pretty Tough is about getting in the game and experiencing all that life has to offer.

Every time you buy a Pretty Tough product, you are making a positive difference in a girl’s life. Join us as we help young women develop their strength, stamina, and spirit.

Contact Info:

Found an informative article you’d like to share? Recently bought a product that you like? Tips for playing or practicing your favorite sports? Your team needs players? Do you know a girl that should be profiled on our site? Drop us a line.

Pretty Tough Sports LLC
12400 Ventura Blvd. #199
Studio City, CA91604
818.980.5100 v

Latitude: 34 08′ 34″ N Longitude 118 24′ 34″ W Elevation: 710 ft.

Licensing & Marketing Queries contact:
Melissa Segal -Brandolution LLC

Media Queries contact:
Kate Wilkinson – Much & House PR



Writers/Photographers/Designers– We are always looking for bloggers, photographers, designers and feature writers to work on our Website and products. If you relate to our mission and want to contribute, please contact us.
Sales Reps – a great opportunity for someone who embodies our mission, currently has an established account base, and ability to service and open new accounts. For more information, please contact us.
Interns – lots of opportunities to gain professional experience and customize your work schedule. Learn about media, web development, writing, publishing, video production, and more.

Lillian B. Morency
Pretty Tough Mother, Grandmother, Supporter & Friend

July 2, 2013
Pretty Tough

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#BeautifullyPowerful – We are redefining girliness and femininity. We are a little bit tough – a tad bit sweetheart and made of a lot more than […]
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