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 Name: Kimmy Fasani

 Sport: Snowboarding

 Nickname: Kimmy

 Birthdate: 04/25/1984

Birthplace: Truckee, CA

Home Mountain: Mammoth Mountain

 Twitter @KimmyFasani


Favorite Riders: Kelly Clark and Annie Boulanger. Kelly’s ability to focus on pushing limits in the halfpipe and her dedication to keeping her body strong on and off the hill is inspiring. Annie changed the game in the back country by charging lines and hitting big features.

Favorite Sports Moment (as a fan and/or rider): Watching women progress the sport and push their limits. Kelly Clark’s 1080 in pipe, Elena Hight’s Double Alley Oop Rodeo in Pipe, Aimee Fuller doing double backflips in the park, and Janna Meyen-Weatherby doing a cab 900 at X Games; these have all been incredible moments for women’s snowboarding.

Favorite Workout Music: Pop and Hip Hop music with my Skullcandy Headphones. They keep me going.

Hobbies and Interests: Writing, biking, yoga

Favorite Books/TV Shows: Books-Hunger Games Series, Mind Gym, and TV show: Gossip Girl

Pet Peeves: Crumbs left on the counter and dishes left in the sink

One thing always in your fridge: Almond Milk

Fave quote or inspiration: “There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.” – Kenneth Blanchard

Fave board? Any other shout outs for gear? I have three favorite Burton boards. For open powder faces and steep trees I love the new women’s Day Trader, which is a women’s all mountain board that will be on shelves for public next season. I also ride the Burton Lipstick for jumping in the back country, and the Burton Déjà vu in the park.

I also live in Burton’s AK outwear. This line is reliable, keeps me warm and dry, and is breathable. I can spend all day in the back country and know that my gear will do what it needs to, so I can focus on my snowboarding.

My Zeal optics Slate goggles are another must have everyday in the back country with great peripheral and the lens makes it possible to see even in flat light.



First snowboarding memory? I remember my first snowboard lesson at Soda Springs on Donner Summit in Truckee, CA. I was so excited to link my first turns.

How would you describe your style? My style is a mix between feminine and functional. I am not a trend-setter but I wear clothes that have good cut lines and keep me warm and dry. I like wearing pop colors, but occasional will be riding the park in all black.

Describe a perfect day.  A perfect day would be lapping Mammoth Mountain on a beautiful powder day with my friends.

If I wasn’t a snowboarder my dream job: A Doctor or a Mountain Guide

Special or secret talent: I was a gymnast for 10 years.

Lucky charm, superstition or pre-comp ritual: I wear a St. Christopher necklace when I’m riding.

One thing people might not know about you? I am married to a professional skier.

How would your mother describe you? Kind, Happy, Outgoing, Energetic, Loyal, and Sincere

What were you like as a teenager? What is the biggest regret you had in your adolescence? I was a pain when I was a teenager. I was always trying to push my mom’s buttons and test her boundaries. I only wish I spent more time in the mountains adventuring and exploring when I was younger.

Superhero or Princess? Which do you identify with most?  Superhero! I want to think of myself as a strong, fierce, independent superhero, who can do anything I put my mind too.

What makes you Pretty Tough? I love that I can be feminine on and off the hill with how I look and with what I wear, however, when I’m snowboarding I am tough and focused. I can take hard falls and get back up to try again. I don’t give up and I know the importance of spending countless hours in the gym. I hope that I can inspire other girls to be girly and still be tough at the same time. Just because we are girls doesn’t mean we can’t do what the boys do.


I was nominated for Transworld Snowboarding Magazine’s 2012 Women’s Rider of the Year, Standout Performance, and Female Readers Choice. I was also the Miss Superpark Standout
 from Snowboarder Magazine in 2011.


Do you consider yourself a pioneer in the sport? Why/why not? No, I don’t see myself as a pioneer because the women that came before me deserve that title. They are the ones who opened the door to all of us who are now pushing limits. I am just happy to be recognized as  being part of the progression of our sport.

You’ve had your share of injuries. Besides physical rehab, how do you mentally recover? The mental side of injuries is the hardest part but keeping a positive attitude is very important. Trusting that new opportunities will present themselves through injuries also helps my mind during the down time.  Good things will always come if you believe it.

What is the biggest challenge female riders face? Do you think women will ever ride at the same level as men? How do you gain the respect of guys you ride with?

I think the biggest challenge female riders face is the fast progression of the sport. I think it’s important for girls to push themselves but only when they are ready, confident, and comfortable. I believe that women are capable of anything they put their mind to and if that means riding at the same level as the guys, then so be it, it’s just going to take us longer to get there. For women to gain respect with guys they just have to ride hard and eliminate the drama. As long as you’re out there having fun, it’s all good.

You are married to a pro skier. Does that present any conflicts of interest?

Being married to a professional skier is the best thing I could imagine because he understands why I need to travel and I understand his schedule. He is a huge inspiration for me and has helped me become the rider I am by giving me advice and encouragement.

What was the best piece of advice you ever received? From whom?   My mom always told me to “stay positive and to avoid situations that would possibly jeopardize my reputation.” This advice has helped me stay grounded and focused on what I want to accomplish.

What would you tell your 12 year old self about pursuing a career as a professional athlete? Have fun and follow your passions. Enjoy the journey and know that your hard work will pay off.

Do you have any causes or charities close to your heart? Yes, B4BC (Boarding for Breast Cancer) is a cause I heavily support. I am so inspired to reach out to help girls learn about cancer and how to keep their bodies healthy. By teaming up with B4BC I am able help spread the word that living an active and healthy lifestyle and self checks can help protect you from cancer.



Success is … being happy.

Happiness is … living life to the fullest and being outdoors.

My greatest fear is … big spiders.

My biggest challenge is … overcoming fear and injuries.

Which would you choose?

Facebook or Twitter? Facebook
Diamonds or Pearls? Diamonds
Goofy or Regular? Goofy
Dogs or Cats? Dogs
Sweet or Savory? Sweets from Mimi’s Cookie Bar
Rom-Coms or Horror flicks? Rom-Coms

Standard Films 2112 Kimmy Fasani Full Part Remix from Standard Films on Vimeo.

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