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On the morning of May 9th, 2011 U.S. Soccer released the roster for this year’s 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup team in Germany. Who knew that a team so many “sports journalists” felt was in disarray, could seemingly overnight turn things around. Odd that this collection of young women transformed into a team that those same “experts” said they, “Never doubted them for a second.” Right. If you like that story I have a bridge in Brooklyn you might be interested in buying.

Before the World Cup games got underway, a member from each squad read a statement on important social issues such as denouncing racism. When was the last time you remember a star player from each team reading thoughtful words speaking out against racism before a Ravens – Steelers game?

What we do have from our Underdogs is that THEY believed, even if the experts didn’t.  They also had Hope -to both revel in and enjoy. Hope is more than just a word these days; it is a brash, confident – some say cocky – goalkeeper whose agility is only rivaled by her modelesque smile and bright eyes. See at the end of the day, all the talk and this doesn’t matter because Hope, just like any of the 10 other women on the field, is better than good.

Hope Solo stopping a PK vs Brazil

The “Never fear Underdog is here,” mantra was heard on daily interviews with Hope Solo, goal-scoring star Abby Wambach, bleached hair super-sub Megan Rapinoe or any of the players.

Rather than focus on the NFL Football lockout over their billions of dollars, or the NBA lockout over even more, we found a group of athletes to believe in. We finally found something good, something American that we all could relate to and be proud of saying, “America!”  This team allowed us to turn away from the Casey Anthony trial, the gridlock debate about National Debt and focus on a team ranked #1 in the world that many called underdogs. This group, as all champions seem to do, turned hope into belief.

A couple weeks ago,  in an article titled “Hope Solo is a Total Freakin’ Rock Star“, Hope believed in herself and her teammates. At the end of the aforementioned article, what truly struck a chord with me was the comments section where a mother named Sarah wrote, “We’re totally watching this game. My 9 yr old daughter is the goalie on her team and Hope is who she wants to be when she grows up, cause she’s ‘a total freaking rockstar!!!'”

Win or lose, in the final, the WNT has proved they’re champions.  . Make sure to keep supporting these rockstars in the WPS in a town near you and let your voice be heard or “tweeted” along with those believers doing the same.

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2011 – World Cup Players

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On the morning of May 9th, 2011 U.S. Soccer released the roster for this year’s 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup team in Germany. Who knew that a […]
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