Soccer sensation Indi Cowie is pretty awesome

Last spring, Indi Armstrong Cowie performed her freestyle soccer routine for 76,000 fans during halftime at a Chelsea-Manchester United match. This 16-year-old Scot moves the soccer ball like no other girl on the planet.

Indie learned to walk chasing a soccer ball. At 10 she played on a coed team and once scored all seven goals in a 7-6 win. By that time, Cowie could juggle the ball 2,000 times without stopping.

She practices at least 90 minutes a day and wears through a pair of specialized freestyling sneakers every month. The family garage is her laboratory. Sometimes her dad hears a thud and thinks an intruder is trying to break in. Then he realizes it’s just Indi learning another trick.

Let us know what you think of her skills!

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