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Algarve, Cyprus Cup update
March 4, 2011
Women’s History Month: Stee-rike – MLB female umpire calls the shots
March 6, 2011

Sementelli goes the distance as female pitchers face off

Her hair was tucked under a blue baseball cap, so you couldn’t tell she was a girl from a quick glance.

But make no mistake, she is a girl and today she made history. Marti Sementelli took center stage in a historic game between N. Hollywood’s Birmingham High and San Marcos High of Santa Barbara.

Sementelli was the starting pitcher for home team Birmingham.  Visiting San Marcos also started a female pitcher, Ghazaleh Sailors. It is believed to be the first time that two high school baseball teams have faced each other with girls as starting pitchers.

Sementelli pitched a complete game and her team won 6-1.  But today wasn’t just about a high school baseball game. The month of March is Women’s History Month and on the first weekend of the month,  these two girls broke the gender barrier  and showed the world what’s possible. They also paved the way for other girls who want to play baseball but are routinely encouraged to play the more “girl-friendly” softball.

Birmingham may have gotten the “W” but there weren’t really any losers today. Both girls proved they could pitch a  baseball effectively against boys and in making history they created an opportunity for all girls down the road.

Both players may be small in stature, but they stand large in the field of sports history.

Lots of great interviews and pictures coming up with both pitchers, as well as fans, teammates, sports scholars and others who were at the game.

I love to fence, surf, and play soccer.

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