Pro Snowboarder Kaitlyn Farrington is May 2013 Athlete of the Month

Kaitlyn Farrington

Our May 2013 Athlete of the Month is Kaitlyn Farrington. This new B4BC team rider tells us about herself and shares why she’s Pretty Tough.


  Name: Kaitlyn Farrington

Sport: Snowboarding

 Nickname: Twerp

Birthdate: December 18,1989

Birthplace: Hailey, Iahdo

Home Mountain: Sun Valley, Idaho but I live in Salt Lake City so I also ride at Brighton and Park City.

Stance: Goofy

College (major): I did 2 semesters at Westminster then took winter off and never went back. College will always be there.


Favorite Riders: Barrett Christy

Favorite Sports Moment (as a fan and/or rider): Realizing I could play golf…

Favorite Workout Music: As I like to call them ” Radio Bangers ” is what I like to listen to when working out. The upbeat tempo keeps me going.

What do you do for fun: I spend most of the summer in Salt Lake City floating the river and spending time with my friends.  I travel year around and that’s a pretty fun activity! ha

Favorite Books/TV Shows: I love Harry Potter! TV shows: Dexter and Breaking Bad

Pet Peeves: When someone takes my clothes out of the washer and puts them on the top of the dryer, not in the dryer on top to just sit there all soggy.

One thing always in your fridge: Soy Sauce

Fave quote or inspiration:
If you cant dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS

Fave board? Any other shoutouts for gear: GNU B-Pro is my board of choice. The North Face for outerwear.


First snowboarding memory? When I first started snowboarding I remember kids laughing at me from the chairlift as I fell on my butt the whole way down the run!

How would you describe your snowboarding style to someone who’s not a serious rider? I would say sometimes I can be a little wild style but id like to think of myself as having smooth style.

Describe a perfect day: A perfect day would be a bluebird powder day followed up by lounging on the beach.

If I wasn’t a snowboarder my dream job: I think I would like to be some sort of a beach bum.

Lucky charm, superstition or pre-comp ritual: I try and not believe in superstition because then I get superstitious about being superstitious!

One thing people might not know about you? I grew up on a ranch south of Sun Valley. When I was younger I used to barrel race and pole bend in rodeos.

How would your mother (or best friend) describe you? They would describe me as bubbly and energetic!

What were you like as a teenager? As a teenager I was pretty shy until I started traveling with the Sun Valley Snowboard Team. I was so shy I would barely even talk to boys and now I can’t shut up when I see a cute one.

Superhero or Princess? Which do you identify with most and why? Princess, my mom and sister called me that when I was being a brat.

What makes you Pretty Tough? I think growing up on the ranch made me pretty tough…I spent most my life being a tomboy and being daddy’s little girl.


2010 Dew Cup Champion

2010 1st Euro X-Games

2011 2nd X-Games Aspen

2012 Dew Cup Champion

Podium that means the most? I think winning Euro X-Games in 2010 in France is my most memorable podium. It was my first real professional podium


You’re following in the footsteps of some great female riders. Any mentors/role models? Barrett Christy has been a big role model to me in my snowboard career. Barrett found me in Mt. Hood when I was 16 and started sending me GNU snowboards. GNU was my first sponsor.

Fave and/or most progressive trick: One of my favorite tricks to do is ally opp back 540.  It feels so floaty and is just such a fun trick to do.

You’ve had your share of injuries. Besides physical rehab, how do you mentally recover? Luckily for me my injuries have mostly been my wrists so I have still been able to ride throughout the season.  My rehab on my wrist mainly consist of doing a lot of handstands to get my movement back.

What is the biggest challenge female riders face? Do you think women will ever ride at the same level as men? I think we just have something imbedded into our mind that we can never be as good as the boys because we our women. I think one day maybe that could change. Maybe not tomorrow though…

What was the best piece of advice you ever received? From whom?  My old swim team coach, Chris Jeffy, when we would be in the pool getting ready for our swim meet, would always give the same pep talk: “Cowgirl up. What are you gonna do when you’re tired and losing the race? COWGIRL UP!” I will never forget it.

What would you tell your 12 year-old self about pursuing a career as a professional athlete? To never give up and always do what you think is the right thing.

Even though you’re still pretty young, how can you be a role model to younger girls? I think by just being myself. When I go to Sun Valley for Christmas I always go riding with the Sun Valley Snowboard Team and it is so fun with all the little girls!

Thoughts about Sochi? Will you try to make the team? I would love to be on the team going to Sochi in 2014. I did the test event there this year and it was defiantly a great experience to be able to check Sochi out.


Success is … something that doesn’t come easy.
Happiness is … finding the one thing that you can always find joy in which for me is snowboarding!
My greatest fear is … hitting a jump for the first time.
My biggest challenge is … admitting I’m wrong!


Facebook or Twitter? Twitter, I don’t even have use Facebook.

Coffee or tea? Tea

Diamonds or pearls? Diamonds

Dogs or Cats? I love them both but my roommate and I have 2 cats. Thumper and Zilla

Sweet or Savory? Sweet

Rom-Coms or Horror flicks? Rom-Coms

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