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You know you’re a triathlete when…
April 13, 2008
USA Softball makes its debut on ESPN2
April 15, 2008

Pretty Tough Profile with California catcher, Jamie Roland

Jamie Roland profile
Editors Note: Jamie Roland is one Pretty Tough player. With her winning essay in the recent Screwball contest (be sure to check out the new YA novel Screwball by Keri Mikulski), we’re proud to profile this catcher from California. Check back for other profiles of contest winners!

Name: Jamie Roland  
Fave Sport:  Softball 
Other Sports: Snowboarding 
Hometown: Hesperia, California 
Age: 16
Career Highlights: 1st team All League; MRL champions 2006 & 2007; CIF champions division 5 2007; Coaches award; 2007 Best Defensive Player  
Fave Car: I love any car that goes fast but I’m more of a truck kind of girl. 
Fave Magazine: Cosmopolitan. 
Fave Athletes: Michael Jordan, Courtney Weed, Travis Pastrana
Fave College: University of Arizona 
Fave TV show: “Rob and Big” 
Fave Vacation Spot: Florida 
Fave Subject: Chemistry 
Fave Place to Shop: Tilly’s Clothing 
Fave Thing to Do: play softball, hang out with friends and of course eat!! 
Dream Job: Homicide Detective or Sports Therapist
Pet Peeve: People who loudly chew their gum
Fave Girly Thing to Do: shopping and pedicures.
Fave Quote: “Sognillo esso, vivino esso, amore esso.” 

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