Nike Free Now Customizable Via a Cool App

When I log onto Facebook, I immediately scan my news feed for anything exciting and am generally pretty disappointed. I roam around the site for a bit before I remember the Nike Free Run iD app that I’ve been dying to try.

Soon after opening the app I discovered how easy it is to navigate. After entering in the required information such as gender, shoe size, and width, the real fun begins. I chose different colors for the various parts of the shoe. While the color palette is somewhat limited, if there were more choices I probably would have been at my computer all day.

The colors range from neon green and pink to dark reds and blues. After choosing the classic Nike logo to adorn the tongue of the shoe, I finished my first pair  of customized running shoes in under a minute.

For the next minute or so, I admired my work from various viewpoints before getting distracted by the “View the Gallery” sign. There I saw some of the most recent and most popular designs.

As an athlete, my innate competitive nature kicked in. I furiously created two more shoes and submitted them to Facebook, anxiously waiting for my designs to become the most popular.

My submissions ended up being movie inspired. I created a shoe entitled “The Grinch” that was all black with neon green highlights. I called my favorite design “Midnight in Paris” after Woody Allen’s movie in hopes of meeting Hemingway and Fitzgerald on my midnight runs. It was fun to be able to fuse my desire for awesome athletic apparel with my creativity.

My favorite feature of this app is definitely the option to personalize the tongue of your new pair of running shoes. I experimented with mottos ranging from my name to repeating money signs. A word to the wise: each foot only can fit six characters, so make them count!

NIKEiD is the ultimate customization experience and allows our consumers to take their unique inspiration and express it within our Nike product, which results in a perfect intersection: personalized looks on the best performance athletic performance gear in the world.


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