MZ & Emmers Sports Bra Auction for Breast Cancer April 7-15

Hope Solo, USA Goalkeeper

They are back at it again! Soccer player McCall Zerboni and Emma Bayer, are raising money again for breast cancer research. If you have no idea what this article is about, check out this other article for some background information on how a professional soccer player and fan came together to help make a difference.

The Bayers and Zerboni have worked really hard on their second “MZ & Emmers Sports Bra Auction for Breast Cancer” for many months to help support the fight against breast cancer. The first auction involved sports bras from soccer players from all over the world. This time, they have gone outside of women’s soccer and reached out to female athletes from all over the sports world.

From surfers, to mountain bike racers, race car drivers, swimmers, slalom kayakers, figure skaters, cheerleaders, boxers, basketball, volleyball, football, and, of course, soccer players, the auction offers great items (sports bras) and reaches out to more than just soccer fanatics.

“We went outside (of soccer) so we could reach a larger audience and get more women involved,” said David Bayer, Emma’s dad. “Breast cancer is, of course, the main focus, but we really want to let everyone see the power of women’s athletics too. They don’t get enough notice.”

“One really cool thing is that so many of the women are really embracing this. Many have some sort of connection to breast cancer,” he added.

The disease has touched the lives of so many in some way or another, like Zerboni, who has lost an aunt to cancer. She doesn’t need to think twice about getting involved to try to help find a cure. For the athletes, it’s a way of using their voice to raise awareness and help a worthy cause.

And now sports fans have the opportunity to get involved, support the athletes, and the cause at the same time by bidding on an autographed sports bra.

Allison Mann, Mountain Bike Racer

The money raised will be divided by three different organizations, each with different missions.

The first beneficiary is the The Keep-A-Breast Foundation, which primarily seeks to increase breast cancer awareness. The second is The Breast Cancer Survivors Network, which is the largest support group for breast cancer victims in the state of Georgia. Lastly, a share of the profits from the auction will go to LA County affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure for research.

The sports bra auction will run from April 7-15 on eBay. For more information, visit the project’s Facebook page here.

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