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Abby and Boxxy throw first pitch at Red Sox game
August 10, 2011
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August 12, 2011

My First Open Water Swim

(Ed. Note: A good friend is training for her first triathlon.  Here is one in an occasional series on her progress. To follow her adventure, or donate to her Team in Training, visit her fundraising page.)
Aug 09, 2011 by Zofia Kostyrko-Edwards

A wetsuit is like a chest chastity belt. I swam in it for the first time ever, a week ago in Los Alamitos Bay. Pretty nervous at first, I was gasping for breath, with my chest constricted not only with fear of the unknown gunk beneath and around me in the water, but also with the second and much too tight skin of a giant rubber I barely peeled onto myself on the beach, wiggling and jiggling between all the hard bodies around me. But – 15 minutes into the swimming experience, I was very grateful to be wearing my favorite new life preserver, and bob like a cork among the waves while catching my breath.

I was also blown away with the attention and patience of all of our more experienced TNT team-mates, mentors and coaches (both from the Greater LA East and Westside Teams) — were giving to us, the newbies, taking our first open water plunge. Elizabeth from the Westside swam and/or floated for an hour next to me, teaching me how to spot and breath more efficiently in the water. Gracias Amiga!!!!!

And after the 1 hour swim – we all ran on the beach for another hour from Los Alamitos to Long Beach and back.

Not bad for a computer (and couch) potato like me, as recently as last September, huh?

Have a great week everyone! and GO TEAM! BAM!

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