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March 17, 2009
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March 18, 2009

Maria Sharapova set to be MTV star?

Maria SharapovaAfter nearly a year-long hiatus due to a shoulder injury, Maria Sharapova made her return to tennis action at Indian Wells this week (though she and her doubles partner were eliminated in an early round).

But even when she’s not on the court, the tennis star garners lots of attention. Interested in knowing what off-court life is like for MaSha?  Word is she’ll serve as executive producer of a new drama series for MTV that is loosely based on her life on the pro tennis tour according to Sports Business Journal.

MTV has agreed to the concept, but Sharapova, who is working on the project with her agent and screenwriters, must first produce a pilot that MTV agrees to, the source said. Sharapova in 2007 had an agreement with the CW network, but that deal fell apart with last year’s writers strike.

The women’s pro tour long has been seen as ripe for development of a drama or gossip-type show. The far-flung global circuit is littered with sponsor parties and tales of player romance with male counterparts on the ATP World Tour.

Sharapova started playing tennis as a young girl in Russia and turned pro in 2001 after  turning 14. With her overpowering serve and long reach, she quickly made a name for herself and won her first major tournament at the age of 16. A year later, Sharapova  pulled off one of the biggest upsets in women’s tennis history by defeating Serena Williams to win the 2004 Wimbledon tennis tournament.

Sources say the MTV Sharapova series would start about that time. Since becoming a break-out star, the glamorous beauty is a cover girl  frequently found in the front row of fashion shows, at Tiffany openings and on the red-carpet.  The former world number one has a longstanding passion for fashion and is considered a style icon. She’s also leads the list of the highest earning female sports figures with endorsements from such big names such as Pepsi, Nike, Canon and Motorola contributing to her annual earnings of $26 million.  So do you think all this provides enough drama to warrant a TV series? Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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