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Cooking with Carolina Kluft
February 17, 2009
WTA Dubai Update; Visas, Quarterfinals & More
February 18, 2009

It’s Girl Scout Cookie Time

Girl Scout Cookies 2009

It’s that time of year again. But if it seems easier than ever to finish off a box of Girl Scout cookies, it may not just be in your head. The lousy economy is taking a bite out of even the venerable Girl Scout cookie which has found itself downsized this year.

To offset the cost increases of cookie ingredients, Girl Scouts USA made the decision to shrink its cookie boxes, package fewer cookies into boxes of Thin Mints, Do-si-dos, and Tagalongs, and reduce the size of its Lemon Chalet Crèmes.

According to the organization, the cost of flour rose by 30 percent, assorted cooking oils by 40 percent, and cocoa by at least 20 percent. The company felt this was the best method of dealing with increasing raw material prices. Alternatively, Girl Scouts could have used cheaper ingredients, or raised cookie prices from their current price of $3.50 per box.

Even though some boxes contain fewer cookies, and some cookies lost some heft in the redesign, it is still a good idea to know the caloric content and serving size of your favorite cookie. There are currently two bakers that make the cookies, ABC and Little Brownie, but the calorie count is similar. Average serving size? 2.5 cookies. Average calories? 150. Calories per box of Thin Mints? 1120 calories.

By the way, the Girl Scouts have issued a press release recently stating that their cookies are not affected by the current peanut butter warning.

Girl Scout Cookie History

•The earliest record of Girl Scouts selling cookies was of a 1917 service project by the Mistletoe Troop in Muskogee, Okla.

•In 1933, 44 Girl Scout cookies cost a mere 23 cents.

•The words “Girl Scout Cookies” first appeared on a box of cookies in 1935, for the Girl Scout Federation of Greater New York.

•Thin Mints, or Chocolate Mints as they were called then, officially made the scene in 1951, along with sandwich and shortbread cookies.

•Girl Scout cookies free of trans-fatty acids went on sale in 2007.


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