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May 29, 2008
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May 30, 2008

Girl Talk: Catch up with ASP Women’s Top 17

Sofia Mulanovich : photo Robertson/ASP Covered ImagesMay 30, 2008   –  It’s been a short break, but the ladies of the ASP Women’s World Tour are fired up and frothing on the upcoming Billabong Girls Pro Rio (July 15-20, 2008). What’s On Tour caught up with some of the ladies to find out what they’ve been up to in the interim and to see how they’ve been gearing up for the showdown in Brazil.


1 – SURF “I have been surfing at home in Peru for the last month. The waves had been fun and I went a weekend to surf Chicama where the waves were amazing. I have been having lots of fun surfing with my bros and friends.”

2 – EQUIPMENT “I have been riding pretty much all my boards, from my little groveller to my 6 channel pin. I have been loving my boards this year, I have been going to see Al Merrick more often and being trying new stuff.”

3 – DIET “I have been eating everything. I love peruvian food and it is impossible for me to be in a diet when I am home.”

4 – TRAINING “I have just been surfing lots and doing a bit of yoga and stretches.”

5 – BRAZIL “I have never competed in an ASP Women’s World Tour event held in Rio so i am super excited. I feel really good with my surfing and my boards this year so I am for sure looking for a good result there.”


1 – SURF “I’ve been surfing around home, mainly at maroubra and bronte. We have had a few fun swells but nothing spectacular. I’ve also done a few trips up to Avalon and Whaley and scored some fun waves there too. I’ve been doing a lot of running around getting everything organised for my next trip and just been enjoying my time back in my local waters, but I’m starting to focus more on my surfing now. Hopefully I can improve on a few areas before I get to brazil.”

2 – EQUIPMENT “I’ve been working closely with Chilli and he has some new ideas that we are going to try, which im really excited about. I’m riding my fiber flex at the moment – it’s a 6’1″ and has more of a stepdown template, it’s been going great for me. The water here at the moment is still around 18-19, so it’s beautiflul to be in. But the early mornings and offshore winds make the trip down to the beach freezing. Iv’e been wearing my 1mm Billabong vest and swimmer bottoms. People give me some funny looks, but I’m not busting out the wetsiut until the water s a few degrees.”

3 – DIET ” I’ve made a really big effort to eat well while I’ve been home. Lots of wholegrain foods, lean meat, fruit and vegitables. Drinking a lot more water and staying away from alcohol, sugar and fats. Although I have had a glass of red every now and again.”

4 – TRAINING “The great thing about having a big break like this between events is that you can get into a routine. I’ve been training 3 mornings a week with my personal trainer. Then he gives me workouts to do on my own. It’s great because im living across the road from a gym so it’s very handy. So I’m training at least once a day during the week.”

5 – BRAZIL “I’ve never been to Rio before and I’ve heard it’s a crazy place, but I’m excited to see somewhere new. My experiences competeing in Brazil previously have been really good. From what I’ve heard, the waves are going to be pretty average. In the past, grovelling in small waves hasn’t been a strong point for me, but I’ve been training hard and working on equipment. So I’m feeling really confident whatever conditions are thrown at me.”

1 – SURF “I have been getting really, really fun waves. Mainly in front of my house and at Nahoon reef. It’s been a bit dodgey with sardines, but the waves have been really glassy and good conditions all round. I’m having a lot of fun with my surfing and trying to push myself by surfing with all the boys who rip here.”

2 – EQUIPMENT “I have been riding a 5’7″, Spider Pro twin with a thruster set up and it has become my new favorite. I’ve also been working on my small wave boards with Spider and I’m expecting some cracker boards soon.”

3 – DIET “Well it was my birthday the other day so I kind of let myself go for that, but I have been eating well and enjoying home cooked goodness. Just keeping it simple and healthy.”

4 – TRAINING “I have been doing a lot of beach running and a bit of stand up paddle boarding, but mainly I have been surfing heaps.”

5 – BRAZIL “I really enjoy Brazil. There is always a good vibe around the place. The last 2 comps went well for me so I’m looking forward to improving on those results. Home has been fun, but I’m frothing to compete again!”

1 – SURF “I’ve pretty much been surfing in my home town, “Makaha Beach Baby”. The waves have been alright, good enough to practice for these up and coming events. My surfing is going good, I mean I’m always looking to improve and be more exciting with my surfing. I love throwing chunks though and tail. I’ve actually been longboarding a lot and I think it’s helped me link more maneuvers together with flow, so hopefully it shows in this event in Brazil.”

2 – EQUIPMENT “I really don’t like sharing what equipment I’m riding except that it’s from the best shaper in the world, “MATT KINOSHITA surf designs aka KAZUMA”. As for clothing, I run anything that’s free, if it’s free that’s for me. Self sponsored now.”

3 – DIET “My diet is pretty much the atkins diet, meat, vegies and rice. Lots of water and no beer, until I win that is.”

4 – TRAINING “For training, I run, jump rope, stretch, do some light weight lifting, crunches on my bender ball, small kine kick boxing at home, small kine squats, shoke push ups, I stand-up paddle, longboard and swim.”

5 – BRAZIL “My experiences in Brazil have been great. I haven’t had any problems in Brazil, the people are so friendly they make you feel very welcome and they’re so helpful. I’ve never been to Rio though so I’m looking forward to exploring that part of Brazil. I feel very confident going into this next event. I had a lot of time off to get my mind in the right place and train to get stronger. At the moment I’m very relaxed, focused, excited and anxious to surf a heat again. As soon as that horn goes off, it’s game on and thats when I’ll let my surfing do the talking.”

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