Five year old cancer survivor Leah Still is a Wheaties champion

On Tuesday, Cincinnati Bengals tackle Devon Still posted a photo to Instagram of a very special gift from General Mills– a framed, special edition Wheaties box with his daughter Leah gracing the cover. With that cover, Leah has joined some pretty elite company without ever playing a sport.

Leah, 5, became a champion over the last year as she battled neuroblastoma (a pediatric cancer) with unabashed bravery to capture the hearts of the nation. Now in remission, Leah may be placing the box next to the Jimmy V. Perseverance Award she won at the ESPYs last month.

Here’s the announcement, courtesy of Devon Still’s Instagram account.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.01.56 PM

Since his daughter’s cancer diagnosis last year,  Still has documented much of the Leah’s brave battle with the disease through social media, winning fans with their courage and incredible bond.

Having captivated the country with their powerful story, Devon and Leah wrote a book  called, “I Am Leah Strong” with a portion of the proceeds go to pediatric cancer research.

This little girl is definitely Pretty Tough.

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