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WPS Week 3
April 27, 2010
Pretty Tough Team Mottos
April 28, 2010

Cool Bike Accessories

Spring is making a comeback so it’s time to get outside and do some biking! From spoke riders and reflectors to bike horns and bells, Pretty Tough checks out the must-have accessories and the coolest ways to jazz up your bicycle.

Horns & Bells
Adding a horn or bell to your bicycle is a great way to make a lot of noise and safely let other people know that you’re on the road. An old-skool bugle horn or a bell is always nice, but if you really want to let people know you’re coming through, check out the Delta Airzound Horn. At 115 decibels, it just might be the most obnoxious-sounding warning device around. And, it’s the perfect way to signal motorists or scare little ol’ men.

The Bell Bike Bell offers classic styling with a shiny, chrome-plated finish that looks great on any bike. A rubber shim allows for a custom fit and prevents scratching. If you’re looking for something a bit more stylish and not so annoying, try the Mirrycle Incredibells – easy to mount bells with a covered dome that rings loud and clear. The Candibell comes in five delicious candy colors: Pink, Blue, Green, Orange and Purple. 

The one bike accessory you never want to be without (besides a helmet) is a lock. There’s nothing worse than having some punk rip off your bike cause you left it unlocked somewhere. A good lock can also be used to secure other sports equipment as well. Best to get a solid steel U-shaped one – they’re nearly impossible to cut through and can easily be mounted to the frame of your bike. Check out the  On Guard Bulldog U Lock for a popular choice.

Give your bike a high-tech upgrade by mounting a bicycle computer on the handlebars. Bike computers can track your speed, elevation, altitude, distance traveled and much more. For a look at a great bike computer (not inexpensive but ultimately cool), check out the Vetta V100A Altimiter with Percent Grade Cycling Computer.

Cargo Nets
Don’t try riding with a bunch of stuff under your arm. The Delta Cycle Cargo Net can be used with just about any bike’s cargo rack to secure those hard-to-hold items. It has 4 easy-to-handle molded hooks designed to attach anywhere.

Spoke Riders & Streamers
You might think you’re too old to have spoke riders and streamers on your bike – but they’re a great way to give your ride more sound and color. Spoke riders will make your bike more visible and they make fun, tinkly sounds! If you really want to get wild, add a pair of streamers to the end of your handle bars and you’ll be the most stylin’ rider in your ‘hood. C’mon, don’t be shy.

So what are you waiting for? Get out and ride!

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