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Name: Melissa Ponce de Leon
Nickname: Mel
Sport: Mountainboarding, Snowboarding
Birthday: 10/10/1985
Birthplace: Minot, ND
Current Residence: Leadville, CO
Height: 5’4″


Fave Athletes: Kelly Clark, Sarah Burke, Kelly Slater
Fave Pro Team: Broncos
Fave Sports Drink: Gatorade
Fave Workout Music: Lady Gaga
Fave Place to Shop: Base Mountain Sports Breck, CO
Hobbies and Interests: Longboarding, Disc Golf, Stickers, T-shirts
Superstition: I have to tie my left boot first.
Dream Job: Coaching Snowboarding and Mountainboarding
Favorite Books/TV Shows: Ridiculousness
Pet Peeves: Waiting on people
Lucky Charm or Pre-Comp Ritual: Always inspect the course
Special or Secret Talent: I have Ninja Powers….
Fave Quote or Inspiration: Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”.

One thing people might not know about you? I am a co-owner of a Vinyl Graphics, Apparel and Design Company with my Husband. <>

Do you have any special or secret talents? I am a really good cook. Green Chili Chicken Enchiladas are my specialty.



Q: Why did you choose mountainboarding as your sport?
A: Winter lasts only a few months each year and when the snow is gone I needed something to keep me on board and continue to progress.

Q: Mountainboarding is a fairly new sport. What is it and how long has it been around?
A: A mountainboard is part snowboard and part skateboard. Mountainboards include a snowboard-like deck, adjustable turning system, air-filled knobby tires and an open-heel binding system. All MBS mountainboards can be outfitted with a hand-held V brake.
Mountainboarding is essentially snowboarding but done on grass, dirt or pavement. With a mountainboard your terrain is limitless and you can ride ALL YEAR LONG! Although it draws a lot of similarity from snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding, mountainboarding has developed into a sport in it’s own right with it’s own culture and history and includes racing, freestyle, freeride and kiting disciplines. Mountainboarding is done in over 30 countries and continues to be one of the most exciting and fastest growing board sports.

Q: Do you remember when you first heard about mountainboarding?
A: My husband Joseph introduced me to the sport and I have been addicted since.

Q: What attracted you to mountainboarding? How did you get started?
A: I needed something to do when I wasn’t able to be on my snowboard.

Q: What do you love most about mountainboarding?
A: I love that I can ride anywhere. I am not limited to concrete like a skateboard or longboard and I don’t need snow either. I can ride on dirt, grass, pavement, rock, and just about any other surface out there.

Q: What is mountainboarding like? Can you describe it?
A: Mountainboarding is a cross between a snowboard and a skateboard. More like a Longboard than anything. Just a more beefed up model that you can ride anywhere. The best example I can give is riding powder on a snowboard is like power sliding a mountainboard through gravel. SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Q: How is mountainboarding different from skateboarding or snowboarding? Is it more dangerous?
A: I don’t think it is any more dangerous than skating or snowboarding. Each sport is just about as dangerous as the next.

Q: What kind of injuries are most typical for mountain boarders?
A: Wrist and tailbone just like any other board sport.

Q: What kind of equipment do you use? What kind of protective gear do you need?
A: I ride MBS boards. I am currently on a MBS pro 12. I wear a helmet, wrist guards, hip pads, elbows and knees.

Q: What do you do to train for competition?
A: I just go out and ride. I hike sections of road and track to figure it out and mainly just go out and explore new terrain.

Q: Can you share some health & fitness tips that you find help your athletic performance?
I have been a Powerbar Team Elite Athlete for five years and to tell you the truth PowerBar has really changed my nutrition and health with board sports.

Q: What has been your biggest mountainboarding accomplishment?
A: 2008 US Mountainboarding Championships in Snowmass Village, CO. I competed in Dirt Boardercross, Downhill, and Freestyle. I won all three events as well as the overall Women’s title. I also landed my first backside 360 there to win the freestyle event.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who wants to start mountainboarding? Is it expensive?
A: Wear your protective gear and explore everywhere. Mountainboarding isn’t expensive, I have been riding the same board for eight years now and it is a burly beast. Check out for more info!

Q: What was the best piece of advice you ever received? From who?
A: Always give everything you have and you will see the best outcome possible. (my hubbyxoxo)

Q: Superhero or Princess? Who do you identify with most?
A: Superhero for sure. Marvel Girl is the best: she is a mutant who has the mind-boggling ability of telekinesis, which allows her to manipulate any object. This is a woman who know how to take care of herself in even the most dangerous situations. I can defiantly hold my own in most situations. :)

Q: What makes you Pretty Tough?
IA:  live hard and play even harder. I like to get dirty and race with the boys.


Success is … Making a living doing something you truly love.

Happiness is … waking up each day and being at peace with oneself.

My greatest fear is …not making the best of each and every day.

My worst sport is …Golf… or Tennis


2012 CMC Snowboard Rail Jam Women’s 1st-2011 Blaze the Belt 4 Longboard Race Women’s 1st
2011 Fall Classic Mtnboard Women’s Overall Champion 1st freestyle, 1st-boardercross – 2011 Altitude Cup Mtnboard Women’s Overall Champion 1st-freestyle, 1st-boardercross
2010 Fall Classic Mtnboard Women’s Overall Champion -2010 Altitude Cup Mtnboard Women’s Overall Champion
2009 Fall Classic Mtnboard Women’s Overall Champion – 2009 Altitude Cup Mtnboard Women’s Overall Champion
2009 Twilight Showdown Mtnboard Women’s Champion – 2008 Triple Crown Mtnboard Women’s Overall Champion
2008 Altitude Cup Mtnboard Women’s Overall Champion – 2008 US Open Mtnboard Women’s Overall Champion

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