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Female lacrosse player via FlickrLacrosse is an aggressive sport filled with a lot of energy. If you’ve thought about playing the sport, you’ve probably quickly realized how much equipment you’ll need to get started. Unlike other sports such as baseball and basketball that need little equipment to get started, a sport such as lacrosse can make it feel like you’re shopping for groceries when purchasing the equipment. To help you better understand what equipment will be required during an official lacrosse game, here’s what you’ll more need:

Cleats — Most lacrosse players will use cleats that are similar to those that football players wear. There are also cleats on the market that are designated solely for lacrosse.

Elbow Pads — Protecting the elbows, these pads may have to be a certain color per your league’s rules.

Gloves — Depending on your club, they may supply the player with gloves based on the team colors. Every league will vary.

Helmet — Most players are required to purchase their own helmet. Depending on the player’s age and head size, helmets can vary. When purchasing a lacrosse helmet, make sure that you always try it on in person to make sure that it has a comfortable fit.

Mouth Guard — Even though a player will wear a helmet, mouth guards are recommended. League rules may have specifications as to what color the mouth guard can be. These guards normally don’t attach to the helmet.

Rib Pads — This is an optional piece of equipment. Generally not provided by the club, rib pads are ideal for players playing the attack and midfield positions.

Shorts — shorts for lacrosse are usually supplied by the club. They will usually consist of the team’s colors and will be similar to a pair of basketball shorts.

Shoulder Pads — Like the elbow pads, shoulder pads could have color restrictions.

Stick — Probably the most important part of the game. Sticks can come in all shapes and forms. Be sure to know what the size restrictions are. Most leagues recommend that sticks are between 37 and 42 inches.

Uniforms — Like the shorts, uniforms can be provided by the club. These custom uniforms will usually have the team colors, a logo and a unique design.

Depending on the division you join, leagues can widely vary with the rules. The league can also vary in terms of what they give the player. All in all, the equipment listed above is required for any official lacrosse game. For the equipment that you do need to purchase, always make sure that you comparison shop and try things on before making a decision.

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Lacrosse is an aggressive sport filled with a lot of energy. If you’ve thought about playing the sport, you’ve probably quickly realized how much equipment you’ll […]
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