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Hana Beaman Portrait BASICS:

 Name: Hana Beaman
 Sport: Snowboarding
 Nickname: Beams, Hibeams, China
 Birthdate: 8-25-82
Birthplace: Santa Barbara
Home Mountain: Park City, Utah



Favorite Riders: Travis Rice, Robin Van Gyn, Gabi Viteri, Wille Yi-Luoma,

Favorite Sports Moment: (as a fan and/or rider) the ones that haven’t happened yet.

Favorite Workout Music: Dance music, techno, something with a beat.

Hobbies and Interests: Hiking, camping, biking, thrifting, traveling

Favorite Books/TV Shows: Book- The Last Season, TV- anything HGTV,

Pet Peeves: slow people in the fast lane, untidy-ness, flakes

One thing always in your fridge: pickles

Fave quote or inspiration: “life roughest storms prove he strength of our anchors” “not everything is meant to be, but everything is worth a try” ” decide you want it more than you are afraid of it” ” don’t forget to play”

Fave board? Any other shoutouts for gear? the Ride Hellcat in a 154, and my signature outerwear that will be out next season with Cappel.


First snowboarding memory? Some faint memories from being up at the half pipe at snow summit when it was up by chair 6, and seeing all the older gnar pipe riders dropping and riding it. I think my mom was encouraging me to give it a try and I think I got to go down it. It wasn’t anything like pipes are now, it was 1989 or something, haha, so it was barely walls. I can barely remember it. crazy.

How would you describe your snowboarding style to someone who’s not a serious rider? I give’r

Fave style: rails, jumps or backcountry? backcountry jumps!

Describe a perfect day:  Good night of sleep with an early wake up to a beautiful day and 40cm’s of fresh snow. A quick drive to the sled zone then rip up with friends to untouched zones with great stability. The sled trails would be in to every feature already built but nothing would be hit. We would ride and land everything until we couldn’t ride anymore, then take a delicious snack break, with a brisk massage. A single cloud would form in the sky, dropping the perfect snowflake down onto my tongue to quench my thirst. Then we’d continue to shred until the sun dips below the rugged mountains and we’d watch the mind-melting sunset from the ridge, before hopping into a heli that delivers us to a catered sushi dinner at home, followed by a hilarious Rom-Com movie. Foot rub from a hot mountain man, Sleep.

If I wasn’t a snowboarder my dream job: Forrest Ranger

Special or secret talent: Interior designer, or so my friends tell me.

Lucky charm, superstition or pre-comp ritual: Nuthin.

One thing people might not know about you? I have my bartenders license in WA

How would your mother (or best friend) describe you? silly, adventurous, loyal, dependable, sensitive, strong

What were you like as a teenager? I was pretty good I think, had my fair share of party time and getting in trouble but, compared to some, I’m a gem! Didn’t really have a clique, hung with a few good friends and slightly older crowd of snowboarders though and they were awesome.

What is the biggest regret you had as an adolescent?  Hmm, don’t think I have any. Or maybe I just blocked them out…

Superhero or Princess? Which do you identify with most and why?  Superhero all the way. I always dreamed of being able to fly or have super strength, being able to effect peoples lives in a positive way. I feel like I have that to some degree

What makes you Pretty Tough? Wearing Spanx in the backcountry



Snowboarder Magazine, Women’s Rider of the Year 2013
TransWorld Snowboarding, Womens’ Video Part of the Year and Rider of the Year nominee 2013
6th Place – X-Games, Slopestyle – 2011
5th Place – X Games, Slopestyle – 2010
1st Place Ride Shakedown -2009
5th Place – X Games, Slopestyle – 2009
#1 TransWorld Business Women’s Exposure-O-Meter – 2006/2007 Season
2nd Place – Abominable Snow Jam, Slopestyle – 2007
1st Place – Abominable Snow Jam, Quarterpipe – 2007
8th Place – US Open, Slopestyle – 2007
1st Place – Vans Cup, Slopestyle – 2007
1st Place – Nippon Open Japan – 2007
Silver Medal – Winter X Games, Slopestyle – 2007
Snowboarder of the Year, TransWorld Riders Poll Awards – 2006
4th Place Overall – TTR World Snowboarding Tour – 2006
Silver Medal – Winter X Games, Slopestyle – 2006
1st Place – US Open, Quarterpipe – 2006
1st Place – US Open, Slopestyle – 2006
Overall Burton US Open Women’s Champion – 2006
11th Place – Winter X Games, Slopestyle – 2005
7th Place – Vans Cup, Rail Jam – 2005
9th Place – Vans Cup, Halfpipe – 2005
2nd Place – US Open, Rail Jam – 2005
Snowboarder of the Year Nominee, TransWorld Riders Poll Awards – 2004
3rd Place – US Open, Slopestyle – 2004
Snowboarder of the Year Nominee, TransWorld Riders Poll Awards – 2003
Silver Medal – Winter X Games, Slopestyle – 2003
1st Place – US Open, Slopestyle – 2003
1st Place Yahoo Big Air & Style, Slopestyle – 2003
1st Place – World Snowboarding Championships, Slopestyle – 2003
1st Place – World Snowboarding Championships, Big Air – 2003
Womens Rookie of the Year, TransWorld Riders Poll Awards – 2002



INTERVALS short film, PS Webisodes productions
Winter Was, PeepShow – 2011
P.S.Webisodes – season 10-11
The Storming, Standard Films – 2010
Stance, JMills Entertainment – 2009
LaLaLand, Runway Films – 2007
Ro Sham Bo, Misschief Films – 2006
Revenge of the Grenerds, Grenade SFBF Productions – 2005
Smell the Glove, Grenade SFBF Productions – 2004
Night of the Living Shred, Grenade SFBF Productions – 2003
Full Metal Edges, Grenade- 2002



Do you consider yourself a pioneer in the sport? Why/why not? No, not really, I’m just trying to keep up, I feel. It’s definitely a compliment when somebody says stuff along those lines but I really just try to focus on the moment and what is ahead.

Fave and/or most progressive trick? My favorite trick is probably a nice floaty front three right now, but I think it would be rad to get a double cork, that’s what I’m working towards this season.

How do you mentally recover from injuries? I tell myself that sometimes it just happens and that we learn from the mistakes we make, then I come back slowly and confidently. I like to rebuild a strong foundation before I get all crazy again.

What is the biggest challenge female riders face? What do women have to do to ride at the same level as men? I think we battle a lot of preconceived ideal and double standards. Considering that women were only really allowed to be involved in sport for the past 100 years (if that), which in the grand scheme of things is nothing. So, in the past 30 years, we’ve done pretty good. I think we just need to keep improving and support each other.

Thoughts about Sochi? Will you try to make the team? I am trying to make the team, but since I have a lot of commitments already this season I’m trying to balance all of it which can be hard at times. But I’ll do my best and see what happens.

What was the best piece of advice you ever received? From whom?   Probably anything my parents have told me.

What would you tell your 12 year-old self about pursuing a career as a professional athlete? Follow your dreams, whatever they may be.

Best part of filming your web series?  Any ideas brewing for a new film project? Having the best crew to shred with. Nothing for sure yet as far as films go, but we’ll see how the season pans out.

Who should play you in a movie version of your life? Drew Barrymore

Do you have any causes or charities close to your heart? Yeah, B4BC is something I’ve always tried to be involved with. All their campaigns have such a positive message that every woman can relate to and be a part of.



Success is … relative.

Happiness is … the motivator.

My greatest fear is … not being good enough.

My biggest challenge is … staying in one place.



Facebook or Twitter? Instagram

Diamonds or Pearls? Chocolate

Goofy or Regular? Natural

Dogs or Cats? Plants

Sweet or Savory? Salted Caramel

Chocolate or Vanilla? chocolate chip

Anything else you want to add? Nope

Hana Beaman Individual part 2011-12 from P.S… Webisodes on Vimeo.

March 10, 2013

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 BASICS:  Name: Hana Beaman  Sport: Snowboarding  Nickname: Beams, Hibeams, China  Birthdate: 8-25-82 Birthplace: Santa Barbara Home Mountain: Park City, Utah   LIKES/DISLIKES: Favorite Riders: Travis Rice, […]
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