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Dry Skin & Cold Weather Itch
November 27, 2007
Step up to the bar
November 27, 2007

Calorie count

Calories Burned in One Hour

If you are an exercise enthusiast or exercise to manage your weight, you probably wonder how many calories you burn. The following chart shows the estimated number of calories a 125-pound person burns while performing a variety of activities for one hour at a moderate intensity level.

Aerobic Dancing 380
Backpacking 410
Badminton 263
Bicycling (outdoor) 468
Bicycling (stationary) 410
Bowling 175
Canoeing 205
Dancing 263
Gardening 234
Golfing (carrying clubs) 263
Hiking 351
Jogging 5 mph 468
Racquetball 410
Rope Jumping 585
Running 790
Skating (ice or roller) 410
Skiing (downhill) 351
Stair Climbing 527
Swimming 351
Tennis 410
Volleyball 175
Walking 2 mph 146
Walking 3.5 mph 222
X-C Skiing 468

Home Gym

Pretty Tough SweatGetting exercise may be simpler than you think. Thirty minutes of moderate-intensity physical exercise per day could lower your risk of many health problems including heart disease and osteoporosis.

Everyday household activities – from washing windows to raking leaves – can help you burn the 150 calories a day recommended by many medical experts.

How To Burn 100 Calories

Clean/vacuum/mop floor 25 – 35
Wash dishes/iron clothes 45 – 50
Mow lawn (self-propelled mower) 25 – 35
Mow lawn (manual mower) 12 – 15
Rake leaves 20 – 25
Wash/wax car 20 – 25
Wash windows 20 – 30
Stack firewood 15 – 20
Shovel Snow 10 – 15
Walk briskly 15 – 25

Source: Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Pretty Tough Tip

Household chores can double as your own home gym. Don’t think of these chores as work. Think of them as helping you get in better shape!

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