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August 9, 2010
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August 10, 2010

Burn Calories…Do Roller Derby!

Studies show that an average 143 lb person skating at 10mps can  burn as much as 600 calories in an hour of roller skating. Most people average in the 6 mph range and will burn an average of 350 calories or greater. With most roller derby leagues, they practice for 2 hours totalling a caloric burn of over 1200 calories in a single practice.

Besides the sport of roller derby providing aerobic activity, it also provides the benfefits of muscle toning, strengthening and not to mention some nice bruises to show off to your friends and family.

Key benefits of roller skating:

  • Low-impact exercise for joints
  • High caloric burn
  • Aerobically as good as jogging or cycling
  • Involves all the major muscle groups
  • Mentally uplifting

Where and when to roller skate:

  • Roller rinks
  • Parks and paved exercise pathways
  • As a way to regain strength after an injury
  • When you find exercise boring
  • Winter or any day it’s impossible to exercise outdoors
Roller Chick
Roller Chick
My name is Jessica, I live in Southern California in the city of Chino. I skate for the Prison City Derby Dames, a local flat track roller derby league. Ive been skating roller derby for the last two years. I have a bachelors in Business and my hobbies include photography, roller derby, sewing, working out, and reading.

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