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Are You An Environmentally Friendly Fashionista? You Should Know This!

One thing we worry about in our daily lives is how to be environmentally friendly.

Of course, you can recycle and be green around the home, but when it comes to looking good it may at first seem like you will have to stick to a lot of polluting companies to look fashionable, there are a lot of green options.

A good place to start out is to find a fashion label or company that is totally green. There are a number of brands that fit the bill and each one has a unique approach to style and remaining green.

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To start off there’s ‘Freedom of Animals’, a company that creates items like jackets, purses, shoes and trousers all from faux leather. All of their items look exactly like ordinary leather goods only no items were harmed in making them, they require 70% less energy and hazardous chemicals to create.

For example, standard leather companies use a chemical treatment system that can lead to hazardous toxins leaking into the surrounding soil and damaging local plant life and crops.

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Keeping with the topic of leather,  check out Tiania Inglis. Based in Brooklyn this designer has a range of leather items that have gone through a vegetable based tanning procedure. Not only does this protect the environment from deadly toxins that are used in the normal tanning process, it’s also quicker.

Inglis also uses what’s called ‘dead stock’,  essentially leftover items like cloth, fabric and wool from other industries to create her clothes, which reduces the amount of fashion industry waste.

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If you want to help give to a worthy cause, check out EDUN. This company was created by Bono (U2) and his wife Ali Hewson way back in 2005 and uses organically grown cotton from small African communities. Not only does this support struggling villages, it also reduces the need to strip out vast areas of forest and natural habitats for African wildlife for industrial cotton farms.


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Anyone that likes recycling old items will find Blue Q is a perfect choice as they use 95% recycled items in their products. What this involves is dresses made from old wheat grain sacks that have been given a slight makeover, print shirts made from rags and other cool items. Plus, 1% of gross sales product goes towards a programme that conserves natural habitats from damage.

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Finally, Feral Childe, based in New York donates all their waste fabric to fashion schools or recycling facilities, unlike other companies who normally dump it. Also, they provide customers will completely transparent information on where they sourced their stock from and what their manufacturing processes were.

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When it comes to staying green and looking good, there are a number of different options. So pick a few of these brands to make sure that when you try to look good, you always stay green.

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