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January 18, 2010
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January 20, 2010

Kimmy Fasani: Adventures in filming

Kimmy_xgamesprepThe opportunities that cross the paths of athletes are abnormally incredible. I find that I have to pinch myself on a usual basis because I can’t believe what my “job title” is. I am outside all day, I travel consistently, and I meet amazing people all over the world. Really?

This season, similar to last season, I am focusing most of my energy on filming, while still trying to find a good balance of doing contests to promote the companies that represent me. However, this season DC has provided me the opportunity to film with Standard Films. Standard Films is a very prestigious guys movie project that documents some of the most standout guys riding in the industry. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to push myself to a level of riding that could be archived among the other few women that have filmed with a guy’s crew. The added benefit of this project is the film crew has also brought Hana Beaman, Raewyn Reid, and last year’s veteran Leanne Pelosi into the mix. The four of us ladies have our own filmer and it’s our job to make our parts happen. Challenge? YES! Exciting? YES!

With that said, my season started off quickly and efficiently with a two week road trip to the interior of British Colombia. Hana, Leanne, and myself met up with a photographer, Christy Chaloux, and filmer, Aaron Whitley, in Nelson, BC on the 2nd of January. The mountains were getting thoroughly filled in with blankets of snow for days.

We started off our adventure at Baldface, which is a very well known cat skiing operation. Riding at this operation would give us a chance to get comfortable with each other and the waist deep powder, while also allowing the backcountry to become a little more stable. Everybody was warning us about a high avalanche danger in the surrounding mountains so we figured we might as well play it safe and utilize terrain that had guides and advanced avalanche safety equipment.

Two days at Baldface was the perfect warm up and with stability rising in the backcountry we were beginning to feel confidence in our snowmobiles. From the 5th of January until the 10th we took to the back roads and headed out on our snowmobiles to find all the untracked layers of snow. We struck gold and each day we were riding about 2 feet of fresh tracks and no body else was around. The two-week adventure came to a close on January 11th and I drove down to Park City, Utah for a couple events. Filming in the quiet mountains heavily outweighs doing contests but each are components of my “job.”

Life is beautiful and powder is my favorite!




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  1. keatingcwk says:

    Hey Kimmy,

    Very cool blog. I am headed to Baldface in Mid-March and have never been. How was the snow?

    Also, the website says that if it is raining in Nelson then it is snowing in Baldface. Any idea if that is true?

    Hope the rest of your trip was great!


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