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February 28, 2012
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March 2, 2012

A Pretty Tough Letter from Kayla

Dear Pretty Tough,

This is Kayla Pelletier. My mom and dad wanted me to write you myself and I thought that would be cool so here goes.  Thank goodness for spell check as I’m only 8 years old.

2011 was a huge year for me in sports.  I had quite a tough but very fun schedule. The year started off strong with girls softball and I totally killed it. I don’t know if it’s because of getting better or from getting featured on your site, but I went into the season feeling like a rock star. You’re not going to believe it because I still don’t, but every time I got up to bat I hit a homerun… every time! As much as three times in one game. I think that rocks!

With softball, swimming, martial arts, and quarter midget racing my schedule got a little tight. At first I was adding a lot of new sports but slacked in racing. Hey I was rockin’ softball. I was still mixing it up with the boys which  was cool.

I would go to the batting cages and the boys would watch me hit and ask for pointers. It was awesome. The older boys would be cool, they would challenge me to go into the high school hardball cage and hit. I would tell them if I can hit one ball they need to put a Pretty Tough sticker on their dad’s car. Well, I can hit 7 out of 12 balls…so there are a lot of dads with stickers –  it’s awesome!

Once softball season was all over I could concentrate more on racing. The first 6 races I was good but not winning. A very good friend asked my dad to bring me to the Nationals and he said no. He said this is only my first year and I’m not good enough.  Wow, was I mad!  After our friend and I begged, my dad finally said yes and took me to Pennsylvania. I couldn’t believe it!

The kids that were at the Nationals were sick.  I was so determined to prove my dad wrong that I qualified 12th-  that was crazy!  My dad almost passed out. My first race was in the C Main where all of the factory kids start.  And guess what?  I won!  I moved on to the B Main and on to the A Main, where all the champions are.  I ended up finishing 8th in the nation.  How’s that Dad for my first time?  He cried…..

After that I got better and better. I was traveling and racing with all the big boys.  Now, between having sponsors and feeling famous from Pretty Tough and a national win, I started getting crazy.  I was betting the boys, every boy I beat has to put a Pretty Tough sticker on their car or trailer.  Well, I race my class and they all have stickers now.

I’m now doing indoor kart racing and snowmobile snow cross and with only a few races into it I have not lost yet.  I thought my dad is tough and I know he is but I love to make a grown man cry when I win.

I love what you do and will always live a Pretty Tough lifestyle.  Thank you for letting me rock your banner and stickers.  I know you are busy but I’d like to say Thank You and Hi.

Thank you very much….  I hope I represent you well.

Your friend,

Kayla Pelletier

(Editor’s Note: Kayla just launched her own website so check it out and wish her well in all her endeavors)


  1. go karting says:

    I’m sure your dad is very proud of you. My kids also love indoor indoor kart racing.

  2. kayla27 says:

     @go karting
     Thank You for the props! Yea, my dad is really proud.  He always pushes me and supports me and with that I think I have seen every emotion he has in his bag.  He is proud that with what he gives me I do the best with.  I am right now doing quarter midget racing, but have done very well with indoor kart racing, with 3 championships over the winter, and remained undefeated.  The world championships are next week but I have prior commitments with sponsors.  Thank You again, and tell your kids to dream big!  They do come true.

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