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Write a post to celebrate Women’s History Month

logo_link The month of March marks a global celebration of women’s talents, achievements and contributions to society. Every year, since the United Nations proclaimed March 8th International Women’s Day in 1977, organizations around the world host a variety of events honoring those  with a double x chromosome.

Women should be recognized for their strengths and accomplishments and we don’t do it enough so this month provides  a really great an opportunity to turn the spotlight on the roles that women play as leaders, policy-makers, athletes, caregivers, educators, and peacemakers from the past to present day.

From the New York Times Learning Blog comes this great, thought-provoking assignment:

What makes an athlete ‘great’? Choose your own “most memorable female athlete of the the year” and write a newspaper profile or blog post, or make your own video, about her. How does she compare with her predecessors?

Are girls’ sports popular at your school? Why or why not? Consider the immediate and ongoing benefits of female participation in athletics. Then interview an alumna on how her high school sports career has affected her life, and write an article using the interview and commenting on the changes in female sports participation in the past three generations.

Like what you created and want to share with the world?  Send it our way and we’ll post it this month on PrettyTough.com

Diverse events during March reflect on the roles females have played throughout history as well as what remains to be addressed in terms of recognition and rights. These events occur not just on International Women’s Day but throughout March to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women so pay attention and get involved.

Girl power, indeed.