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What if you could improve your athleticism or physique just by wearing an accessory or an article of clothing? Thanks to a new crop of performance wear products, you actually may be able to do so. For the most part, the items sound too good to be true and in fact, none of them has been proven to produce actual results, but the buzz around this category is growing loud.

Power Balance Bands: Rubber bands with dual holograms worn around the wrist to optimize your body’s natural energy flow…is this new wave science or just a bunch of new age talk? Probably best to do “the test” and decide for yourself – but trend-jumping celebs and athletes alike are swearing by them. Advocates suggest that they work to enhance the body’s typical positive frequencies while helping to block out negative ones, like cell phone radiation. The consensus among users is that the body’s natural balance is restored by the energy that flows through the holograms, and that wearing the band works to increase balance, strength and flexibility, promoting better posture and overall performance efficiency.

Uniqlo Easy Exe: Uniqlo shoppers now have a little help when it comes to fitting into the store’s famous skinny jeans. Launched this past spring, the Japanese fast fashion retailer has added “calorie-burning” underwear to its style stable.  Called the ‘Easy Exe’ series, after a phonetic shortening of the word “exercise” in Japanese, the design of plastic dots and lines that traces the gluteus maximus and lower back is said to encourage better posture, which will lead to a more efficient way of walking, according to Uniqlo’s Japanese online shop.  Though the line is currently sold only in Japan (and is apparently made for men), it’s rumored to be hitting North American shores soon.

Reebok EasyTone Workout Clothing: Come November, Reebok will expand its wildly successful EasyTone sneaker line to women’s fitness wear. Like with the shoes, no evidence exists that just wearing the line actually will increase peoples’ flexibility while shaping and strengthening their butts, thighs and cores. However, chances are that consumers will buy in. After all, EasyTone sneakers (and their competitors) are part of the fastest-growing segment (projected to expand 500% this year) in the otherwise stagnant athletic shoe business. While the idea that certain athletic wear can help consumers exercise more intensely, burn more calories and tone up just by wearing it sounds pretty appealing, we’re pretty sure that such products would be really effective only for someone who’s already active.

(h/t Trend Central)

August 27, 2010

New accessories and clothes may help fitness efforts

What if you could improve your athleticism or physique just by wearing an accessory or an article of clothing? Thanks to a new crop of performance […]
March 18, 2009

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