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WTA LogoThe Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), the sports body governing international women’s tennis has unveiled a brand new logo design.

The new logo of the tennis federation is a departure from contemporary tennis logos which feature silhouetted sportsmen. This new brand mark on the other hand is a simple arrangement with WTA written across a striking purple-to-red oval shape which represents a tennis ball imprint created when the ball hits the tennis court floor. The crossbar of the A is replaced by a yellow dot, reminding the viewer of a tennis ball.

The new logo has been developed by Chermayeff and Geismar, the renowned international brand agency behind many of the world’s most recognizable brand marks such as Chase, Mobil, NBC, PBS and National Geographic.

“By diverging from the expected approach of featuring an image of an athlete, we created a mark that is unusual in professional sports, and its appropriately bold identity will over time come to recall the incredible athletes that represent women’s tennis,” said Chermayeff & Geismar Partner and designer Tom Geismar.

The new tennis logo design will gradually be implemented on all of WTA tour’s media including printed material, television graphics, advertising, promotion and social media during the 2011 season.