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Courtney Conlogue wins 2009 Supergirl Pro Junior
August 18, 2009
August 19, 2009

Student athlete spearheads healthy food fundraiser

Yoga ChipsYogavive, a leading producer of organic foods, understands the needs faced by girls’ athletic programs across the country. Many are often underfunded and sometimes, completely ignored.

According to one study, lack of funds and support means girls  receive 1.3 million fewer opportunities to play high school sports than do male students, which translates to fewer chances for athletic scholarships.

Jordyn Lambert, a Yogavive summer intern and athlete herself  (Varsity soccer captain, JV softball) brought these issues to the attention of Beau Giannini, Yogavive President. Together, they developed a unique program that allowed girls to raise the necessary funds for their team, while offering their communities a healthy alternative to candy bars or tubs of cookie dough.

Yogavive’s organic baked and popped apple chips are vegan, gluten-free, fat free, with only 35 calories and no added sugars.  Jordyn thought they were perfect for team  fundraisers.

Says Jordyn in a recent interview with the Weekly Reader:

I know some programs sell granola bars or baked chips but really, those are not much better because of the refined sugars and artificial ingredients. I knew my team and I couldn’t go around the community selling junk food, but I also knew we couldn’t sell “healthy” snacks that weren’t even technically that healthy.

Now Yogavive offers other teams and clubs the same healthier option. Selling the Apple Chips as a fundraiser for a soccer or sports team can be a huge opportunity to both help finance the team‘s needs, and encourage a healthy diet and lifestyle. Yogavive currently offers their organic apple chips at a low price, so that student athletes can sell them and make as much profit as possible.

Yogavive’s apple chips usually cost $1.49 in stores but with their fundraising program, they offer all 5 flavors for only 50 cents a bag to teams and clubs, allowing them to make 100% in profits. On top of that, athletes know that they’re selling genuinely healthy snacks that aren’t adding to their community’s health and obesity problem so this is a great opportunity all around!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Jordyn directly at

Pretty Smart!

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  1. ariesapparel says:

    phenomenal idea. Way to go. We support all, and especially creative, ideas to help support female athletes.

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