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New Spider Girl kicks butt
November 11, 2010
WMX: Ashley Fiolek honored at 2010 Courage In Sports Awards
November 15, 2010

Sports speak: Talkin’ the talk

“She got Maytaged in those rapids,” “At mile 15 she bonked and didn’t even finish,” “She scored a hat trick in the first half.” Any idea what we’re talking about? The sporting world has it’s own specialized vocabulary.

If you want to walk the walk, you’ve got to talk the talk.

ACE: serve that is neither touched nor returned by the receiving player or team. In golf, a hole in one.

ALLEY-OOP: used to describe any maneuver in the halfpipe where one rotates 180 or more degrees in an uphill direction.

AND ONE: the free throw awarded to a shooter who is fouled while scoring.

BAGEL: in tennis, winning a set 6-0 is called giving your opponent a bagel – a zero.

BANKER: reference to beginning paddlers who tend to oversteer left and then right meaning they run into bank after bank.

BIRDIE: golf term meaning one stroke under par on a hole.

BOOGER: a body boarder; boogie boarder.

BONK: when a runner, cyclist or swimmer runs out of energy, usually toward the end of the race. Also hitting an object while boarding as part of a trick.

CHATTER: vibration of a ski or snowboard caused by the edges bouncing off hard snow.

CHUCKS: classic Chuck Taylor basketball shoes manufactured by Converse.

FACIAL: when a volleyball player gets hit by a spike in the face.

GOOFY FOOT: riding a surf, skate or snowboard with your right foot forward.

GROM or GROMMET: young surfer, skateboarder or snowboarder.

HAT TRICK: when a player scores three goals in a single game.

HUCKFEST: gathering of snowboarders riding as hard and wild as possible.

MAYTAG: in kayaking and other water sports, getting thrashed around below the surface, as if in a washing machine.

OFER: a softball or baseball player who goes hitless during the game. “oh-for-three” etc.

PRETZELED: the condition both you and your bike are found in after a collision.

SPLIT: In any kind of racing, this is an interval time.

TACO: When the rim of a bicycle is folded in half as a result of a crash, as in “I tacoed my front rim.” (l.w.)

WHIRLYBIRD: wakeboard slang for back flip over the wake with a full 360 degree spin.

YELLOW CARD: card issued by the referee for minor rule infractions.

YIPS: what nervous golfers get when they worry over what is often an easy putt.

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