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The best sporty Halloween costumes
October 26, 2011
FIFA’s List of 10 for 2011 Women’s Player of the Year
October 26, 2011


  1. Last year, I started playing football for my town. I was a wide receiver and the boys treated me like one of them. Last year a boy took me down at the 10 (it was this first time playing against me) then he realized I was a girl. He looked embarrassed. This year, I’m gonna rock it for my Middle School team. I’m gonna score some touchdowns and make some first downs too.
            -Liz Stephens

  2. prettytough says:

     @Football4Life That’s so cool. Have you read “Playing with the Boys”? It’s a great story about a girl who plays football for her high school team. You’ll really like it!

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