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Soccer Moms & Little League Dads

If you’re reading this, chances are you have a daughter who is, or wants to be, involved in sports. As the parent of a girl athlete, you may be called on as cheerleader, chauffeur, confidant, captain of the booster club, or coach. You may also be called upon to foot the bill for uniforms, refs, tournaments, registration fees, private training, and more. Is it worth it? You bet. Research shows that girls who are involved in sports benefit in a variety of ways:

  • Higher Self-Esteem
  • Better Grades
  • Better Body Image
  • Less Likely to do Drugs
  • Increased Physical Fitness
  • Better Time Management Skills

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Dads & Daughters

As a parent you can help your child foster growth through positive sporting experiences. Dads & daughters share a very special bond that can be enhanced by participating in sports together. [+]

Competitive and Travel Teams

How do parents know when their child is ready to play in a more competitive sports league? [+]

Be a Good Sports Parent

There is sometimes a terrible imbalance between the needs kids have the needs of the adults running sports programs. Sending the right message to young athletes begins at home. Sports Done Right offers some tips to get started:

  • Encourage your child, regardless of her degree of success or skill level
  • Ensure a balance in your student-athlete’s life, encouraging participation in multiple sports and activities while placing academics first.
  • Emphasize enjoyment, development of skills and team play as the cornerstones of your child’s early sports experiences while reseving serious competition for the club or varsity level.
  • Leaving coaching to coaches and avoid placing too much pressure on your youngster about playing time and performance.
  • Be realistic about your child’s future in sports, recognizing that only a select few earn a college scholarship, compete in the Olympics or sign a professional contract.
  • Be there when your child looks to the sidelines for a positive role model.

Exercise Your Mind

Girls on TrackGirls on Track : A Parent’s Guide to Inspiring Our Daughters to Achieve a Lifetime
of Self-Esteem and Respect

by Molly Barker

Intertwining running tips with psychological exercises on beauty, gossip, and emotion, Molly Barker reminds us all of the connections between the outer and the inner girl.