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Race Against Danica Patrick in new Sega Game
November 19, 2012
Sam Gordon First Female Football Player Featured on Wheaties Box
November 21, 2012

New Women’s Pro Soccer League Launching in 2013

Today the US Soccer Federation in conjunction with the Canadian Soccer Association and the Federation of Mexican Football announced their new women’s professional league launching in 2013. The announcement was that eight cities will be hosting teams, four of which already had pro teams back in the WPS era and four new cities who will be fielding brand new teams.

Due to the efforts of the ownership group of the Missouri Comets (women’s professional indoor team), Greg Likens, Brad Likens and Brian Budzinksi, Kansas City is among the cities starting a new team, and as such will be fielding a full women’s professional team beginning next year.

Since the Kansas City Shock is part of the WPSL and is not a full pro team, this presents a handful of potential challenges; not the least of which is fan support and interest. The pro league’s access to more readily available funding and having the possible lure of women’s national team stars turns next year into a whole new ball game. The Shock (and presumably other WPSL teams) will remain  a grassroots, locally fueled and directed organization with the main goal of growing the game.

“I am thrilled to see the continued development of a new professional league in the United States,” said Kansas City Shock owner, Shawn Daugherty. “I look forward to seeing what the new ownership has to offer the City of Fountains.”

Our main goal through everything is to grow the game in any constructive, sustainable way we can, so a new team coming to the Great Plains is great news for everyone. Everyone here at the Kansas City Shock offers nothing but huge congratulations to the ownership group for their acceptance into the USSF’s league and wish them all the best in their inaugural season.

“We will dare to different,” said Daugherty,” and put any pride aside. The beautiful game was never about ownership and league quarrels. It is about giving each person, male or female, the opportunity to shock the world.”

For the full USSF press release, check later today for the full audio and transcript of the conference call.
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