More Than Just a Princess

For years, we have tried to demonstrate that being pretty and tough are not mutually exclusive.  Girls should be able to embrace all the different aspects of their personalities and understand that their choices need not be limited nor should they be reduced to one identity. Being a tomboy doesn’t prevent a girl from being girly and being feminine doesn’t make her weak or less intelligent. Girls are multi-dimensional characters who should not have to adhere to rigid stereotypes. Gender doesn’t dictate character; experience does.

Given our mission,  it’s easy to support  GoldieBlox, a company that has created a new engineering toy for girls and wants to show that girls do want to find alternatives to Barbie and princess dolls in the toy aisle.

The video below is one of  most empowering things we’ve seen all day. Kinda wish we had produced it!

Do you know of other companies with a similar mission?