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In Honor of Those Who Pushed for the Right of Girls to Play
June 23, 2012
USA Water Polo Women Top Hungary At Stanford; 3,042 Fans Witness Victory
July 3, 2012

How To Pee In The Woods

A Pretty Tough Tip:
In some ways, guys have it easy: To pee in the great outdoors, they just aim and fire. No cold buns. No splatter factor. But there are things women can do to improve the projected outcome. Here are three methods preferred by the women at Backpacker Magazine.

  • Find a place where you can sit with your feet propped up: two rocks close together; a rock and a log, etc. This keeps you relaxed and your boots dry.
  • Find a crack between two rocks or logs where you can stand and pee comfortably.
  • Find a soft patch of earth and dig a shallow hole (to expose absorbent dirt) with your trowel. Squat with your arms extended out in front to counter-balance yourself or hang on to a tree or rock to aid in relaxation. Replace the dirt and duff over the christened spot.In general, the best place to pee is in soft sand or snow because it sinks right down.

The peeing process can also be made easier by wearing a skirt or pants with a “split pee” zippered crotch. But consider the squatting position an excellent vantage point from which to monitor your hydration level. Take a good look at what’s coming out-clear to pale yellow urine indicates that you’re well hydrated.

Exercise Your Mind

Walking Home: A Woman’s Pilgrimage on the Appalachian Trail
by Kelly Winters

Winters’ account, in the tradition of our best outdoor chroniclers from John Muir to Jon Krakauer, is an exceptionally truthful, often funny, exciting account of an emotional and spiritual journey.


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  1. Kellygirl59 says:

    When I have to pee outside I use small flowers or a clump of grass to pee on. If there is a creek or other flowing water I pee in the water. Water works great since you don’t have to worry about where your pee is going to go.
    NEVER!! Pee on hard surfaces like cement or rock. Dry sand is also excellent for peeing in
    TP is a must for me. too. After wiping I toss my used tp in the bushes. If I just peed in a creek I toss my used TP in the water.

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