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November 23, 2010
Top Female Celebrity Sports Fans
November 24, 2010

Girls wrestle too

As women’s wrestling gains momentum (it became an Olympic event in the 2004 Games) more and more female high school and college student-athletes are taking up the sport.

Below are a few facts about girls’ wrestling and some online resources to learn more about this growing phenomenon:

  • About 6000 girls wrestled at the high school level in the U.S. during the 2009-10 season (compared to 275,000 boys and up from 4,000 girls in 2007), according to the USA Wrestling Association.
  • High school girls’ wrestling has been sanctioned in two states: Hawaii and Texas (both since 1999) and more recently in California, Washington and Tennessee.
  • Until girls’ wrestling teams are numerous enough to get state sanctioning, girls have to compete at informal divisions or meets instead of state tournaments or compete against boys. In 2005, there were 17 girls who qualified for boys’ high school state tournaments around the country, and six of those girls placed.
  • The U.S. Girls Wrestling Association claims to be the future of the sport. They provide information of USGWA tournaments and events, as well as a discussion forum for female wrestlers and coaches.

Pretty Tough Props

Pretty Tough Wrestler Susan McMann
2004-05 Team USA Ranking: No. 1 at 63 kg/138.75 lbs.
Years on Team USA: 6 (1999-2005)
Residence: Colorado Springs, Colo.
Coach: Tricia Saunders
Born: Sept. 24, 1980 in Tacoma Park, Md.
Height: 5-6
College: Attended Lock Haven Univ., where she was a member of the varsity men’s team coached by Carl Poff. Earned a degree in Theatre. Also attended the Univ. of Minnesota-Morris, where she was coached by Doug Reese.
High School: Attended McDowell High School, where she was coached by Tim Hutchins. 1998 USGWA High School National champion.
Hobbies: Theatre, surfing and reading.

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