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General sports cheers

(Team Name)’s got the rhythm.
(Team Name)’s got the motion.
And when we get together
We cause a commotion

C’mon {Team Name} dont be shy
Let us hear your battle cry
(Aly from Fort Fastpitch)

Bruises, Sweat, Blood, Tears
(Team Name) have no fears.

Come on Girls
You can do it
Put a little muscle to it
Hustle, Hustle (repeat)

Pennies, Nickels, Quarters, Dimes
We’ve got spirit all the time!
GOOOO (Team Name)

I said bang bang
Choo choo train
Wind us up, we’ll do our thang
We know karate, we know kung fu
You mess with us, we’ll mess with you

My back aches
My shorts’ too tight
My hips shake from left to right
Say uh, we got the power
Bang, bang choo choo train
Come on girls let’s win this game
GO (Team Name)

B-E-A-T beat ‘em
B-U-S-T bust ‘em
Beat ‘em bust ‘em that’s our custom
Bust ‘em beat ‘em lets defeat them.
Goooo (Team Name)!

Extra Extra read all about it
(Team Name) is the best
There’s no doubt about it!
When you’re up, you’ re up.
And when you’re down, you’re down.
And when you mess with the best
Get out of town! Go (Team Name)

Our team is red hot! Our team is red hot!
Our team is R-E-D! Red! H-O-T! Hot!
Once we start, we just won’t stop.
‘Cuz we are Red Hot!

2 pence, 4 pence
6 pence, a dollar
All for the (Team Name)
Stand up and holler!
(Repeat Louder)

One, we are the (Team Name)
Two, a little bit louder,
Three, I still can`t hear you,
Four, We can’t be prouder

We’re fired up with spirit
So come along let’s hear it
Let’s do it do it with lots of style
Say everybody get wild.

Captain: I said yo baby yo baby yo baby yo
Team: We said yo baby yo baby yo baby yo
Captain: I said you gots to be for (Team Name) or you gots to go
Team: We said you gots to be for (Team Name) or you gots to go
Captain I said yo baby yo baby yo baby yo
Team: We said yo baby yo baby yo baby yo

We’re the best (clap)
We can’t be beat (clap)
We’ll rock this joint (clap)
To your defeat (clap)
GO (Team Name)
GO (Team Name)
GO (Team Name)

We will, We will,
Rock you down,
Shake you up,
Like a volcano about to erupt,
Mighty mighty (Team Name) here to stay,
We’ll rock you all night, and rock you all day!
Whoaa Go (Team Name).

Yell for the (Team Name)
We can’t be beat
So watch out (Opposing Team)
We’ll knock you off your feet.

Jump around, scream, and shout.
That’s what spirit is all about.
C’mon, let’s see some spirit.
(Stomp, Stomp, Clap) x3

Hey are you ready?(clap, clap)
Are you ready (clap,clap)
To play? (clap)
Say go team (clap)
Go team (clap)
(Team Name) all the way!

You gotta want it to win it and we want it more.
You gotta want it to win it so let’s go score.
Go (Team Name)

We’ve got the spirit
We’ve got the right!
We’re going to win the game tonight!
We’ve got the talent
We’ve got the heat!
(Team Name) just can’t be beat!

Release, Your spirit
Let your energy flow
Release, Your spirit
Go (Team Name) Go!

Strawberry Shortcake.
Banana Split.
We think your team is full of
Shift to the left, Shift to the right.
Let’s go team.
Fight, Fight, Fight.


my little sister does cheerleading so here are some of her cheers

spirit we got it aint no doubt about it yeah
spirit we got some
face it were awesome

I said a yo baby yo baby yo baby yo
I said a yo baby yo baby yo baby yo
u gots to be a (team name) or u gots to go
u gots to ba a (team name) or u gots to go
I said a yo baby yo baby yo baby yo

we dont need no music
we dont need no band
all we need are (team name)s
jammin in the stands

( whisper )were from (city)
couldnt be prouder
if u cant hear us
wel shout a little louder
(repeat 2 more times and get louder each time)