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Title Nine Haiku Messenger BagA few years ago at Christmas, my sister asked for a Timbuk2 Bag from Title Nine. I’d never heard of the company before, only the piece of legislation known as “Title IX”, which you can read about on the Title Nine website. I bought her the bag and since then every time I see her, I say “What a cool [shirt/hat/pair of pants/bag], where did you get it? And the answer, 95% of the time, is “Title Nine”. So when I was visiting her in Indianapolis in August, I flipped through her T9 catalog to see what all the fuss was about…and loved every bit of it.

The models are real women. Not models that are airbrushed. They are “friends, friends of friends, ordinary women doing extraordinary things. Our kind of Poster Girl,” according to the website. (Speaking of posters, they’ll send you posters for your team’s locker room or practice facility if you go here and follow the directions.)

And the stuff is awesome. Everything is made to look great, feel good, fit well and make life easier. The bags have lots of pockets, the swimsuits stay put, and the fabric is easy to clean.

Title Nine Haiku Messenger Bag

On their “About Us” page, the website begins with “We are evangelical about women’s participation in sports & fitness” and ends with “We like dessert”. Now that is real.

“Circle stuff you like and I’ll get you something for your birthday,” my sister said. I started circling and within 5 minutes had circled half the catalog. “Well, I guess it’ll still be a surprise!” I said.

Today, my gift arrived. I opened it even though my birthday isn’t for another week. I got the Haiku Messenger Bag (above)! It has outside pockets for water bottles (Vitamin Water in my case), plenty of room for my wallet, my phone, some makeup, my iPod, my camera, gum, lipgloss, a hairtie, sunglasses, and a chocolate cake…OK maybe not the chocolate cake, but don’t challenge me. Plus, it just looks really cool, with the embroidery on the front, the smooth suede on the outside, and the light blue interior.

Title Nine OutfitBesides the Messenger Bag, I also loved the Haymaker II Vest in Azalea (top, left), which is going on my Christmas List. You should also check out the Commotion Jacket (if you have to deal with cold winters but hate bulky coats) or this outfit: the Cobra Cross-Bank Tank with the Nimble Knicker in Raisin (left) for your next yoga class or trip to the mall. Check it all out for yourself at

September 28, 2008

Title Nine: Pretty Tough & Pretty Cool Gear

A few years ago at Christmas, my sister asked for a Timbuk2 Bag from Title Nine. I’d never heard of the company before, only the piece […]
November 26, 2007

Three questions with Title IX pioneer Nancy Lieberman

Basketball Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman grew up playing hoops in Harlem and at Far Rockaway HS in Queens, where she was known as one of […]