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April 21 – May 20

You like…
Yummy food, brand-name clothes, luxurious massages, nature and the outdoors, You also like being tickled. saving money, having nice things, sleeping in, getting your nails done and throwing fun parties .

You dislike…
Scratchy jeans, pushy people, ear-splitting music, being rushed, changing your routine, being interrupted, sweating, and doing homework.

Strengths . . .
You are practical, dependable and your calm personality always puts everyone at ease. You are also loyal to your friends and will always stick by them – even in the worst of times. You can create something beautiful out of nothing and you have a steady, dogged persistence (sometimes viewed as stubbornness ) that helps you achieve your goals.

You get easily embarrassed! Sometimes you take too long to make a decision and you miss an opportunity or come across as slow-moving. You love nice things, but don’t always want to work hard to get them! It’s the Bull that is the Taurean’s mascot, and you can be bull-headed and stubborn.

You pay attention to details and are very thorough in your projects. Since you like money, nature and beauty, choose from banking, art, fashion, accounting, music or gardening or any profession that requires patience and determination.

Fashion . . .
You’re more concerned with comfort than looking like a supermodel. You enjoy shopping for clothes, but don’t like spending too much on them. You love pretty dresses and although you like to look good, you don’t like your clothes to attract too much attention. You like well-cut, not-too-tight clothes best in soft, natural fabrics.

A loyal girl, your close friends can always count on you when the going gets tough. Stubborn beyond belief, you find it difficult to say sorry, but you’ll make an effort to patch things up. And you never forget birthdays.

Since Bulls are generally strong, it’s no surprise you like to test your strength on the playing field. You might like a game of hoops but hiking is a favorite pastime, since you love nature. You’re slow and steady and while others may race feverishly around you, you’re content to keep to your game and stay the course. When playing a team sport, you’re probably better in a defensive position (as long as you don’t have to move too fast). You may want to try yoga to help increase your flexibility or take up a more sedentary sport like golf.

Celebrity Taureans:
Singer Kelly Clarkson (4/24/82) Actor Renee Zellweger (4/25/69), Tennis player Dinara Safina (4/27/86) Actor Uma Thurman (4/29/70), Actor Kirsten Dunst (4/30/82), Soccer player David Beckham (5/2/76), Soccer player Cindy Parlow (5/8/78), Basketball player Nykesha Sales (5/10/76), Gymnast Olga Korbut (5/16/55), Runner Joan Benoit Samuelson (5/16/57), Singer Janet Jackson (5/16/66),

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