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October 29, 2013
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November 1, 2013

Best Group Halloween Costumes

Trophy statues costume

Trophy statues costume

Is your sorority, team, or group of friends throwing or going to a Halloween bash?  Matching costumes help you keep up with each other and can also make a fun statement. So grab your entourage and get going. Here are some ideas so that you can score big this Halloween

This is one of our favorite group costumes. Theatrical makeup is key to making this work. If using a white or non-metallic color, use water based (hypoallergenic) cake-makeup as opposed to oil based. If you use oil, dust it with a finishing powder so it doesn’t smudge. Metallics can be bought in a bottle or a cake for use with a sponge and a little goes a very long way. Anyone working in a costume shop should be able to advise you. Dress in the same metallic color clothing and paint your sports gear the same color. Decorate an apple crate or sturdy box with a plaque explaining the honors.

Dance Troupe
If you want to be a group of dancers, your first choice is to figure out what kind of dancer you want to be. You can be belly dancers, ballerinas, tap dancers, Jazz Dancers, Irish folk Dancers, or flash dancers. You can get matching costumes from your local dance or costume shop.

Sports Team
Do you and your friends have a favorite sports team? If so, many of you may have Jerseys for that team. Add the appropriate sports equipment, which most of you will probably also own and you have a complete team. If you and your friend root for opposing teams, another option is for each person to be their own favorite player. Your options are numerous from soccer, to basketball, to hockey.

Bowling Pins and Ball
A fun costume for a group is bowling pins and a ball. For the pins, you all need white pants and hooded sweatshirts. Put two red stripes around the neck area. The shortest person would probably be the ball (or whoever draws the short stick). For the ball costume, you can cut two large felt circles and attatch them at the top (over the shoulders) and the sides (under the arms) add three smaller circles for the holes.

Race Car Driver and Pit Crew
One driver and a bunch of grease monkeys. Racing gear should include helmet, jumpsuit, and gloves. The pit crew can wear matching caps and jackets. Don’t forget the checkered flags.

Everyone wears all black. Pin circles of white paper to yourselves in a domino pattern. When you arrive at a house, one person leans in, and everyone falls over.m Almost an unlimited number of people could join your group of dominos!  This one has so many ways it could go–just add dots!

Please dress responsibly this Halloween. Which costumes would you and your friends rock? Let us know in the comments.



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