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We are Pretty Tough

Smashing Stereotypes

Passion and performance

#PrettyTough = The juxtaposition of femininity + strength. Pretty Tough is redefining what it means to be female by flipping the script.


We push limits, search for adventure and create social change.

More than a brand about female empowerment, Pretty Tough is a movement that encourages girls to embrace their inner strength.

Life and style

Ridiculously comfortable apparel:
Loaded with attitude.

This is what tough looks like

Our signature off-the-shoulder lightweight drape tee features allstar attitude… …So luxuriously comfy, you’ll never want to take it off.

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Epic ass-kicking chicks

Pretty Tough girls are multi-dimensional beings who can't be put in a box. They like to play hard and run fast. They take on physical challenges and exceed expectations.

Since our launch, we have discovered that girls and young women have a visceral connection to the Pretty Tough brand. Girls intuitively understand they should not be reduced to one identity or relegated to secondary roles. On screen, or on the track, Pretty Tough girls take charge.


- 8 days ago

Cutler's Spiri... @ Santa Barbara Gallery - Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History Mar 12 at 5:30 am https://t.co/XbOKzBNYGJ via @SBIndpndnt

- 10 days ago

USWNT players sue U.S. Soccer for gender discrimination . https://t.co/9ygCiePPe7 https://t.co/TfhElN1p9Q

- 12 days ago

Chiquita Evans first woman to be drafted into the NBA 2K League #prettytough https://t.co/EdBGxlHI6u https://t.co/RY8GWfL6s2

- 12 days ago

2 astronauts are scheduled for the first all-female spacewalk in history #prettytough https://t.co/JpF3mWJTmr https://t.co/50vHrYlhRn

- 13 days ago

Well deserved!! ESPN's Jessica Mendoza Joins Mets' Front Office #prettytough #trailblazer https://t.co/xPE0P7b9yA https://t.co/hmLGtdED88

- 14 days ago

A cycling race in Belgium was delayed because a woman almost caught the male riders #prettytough https://t.co/RH0XGl3Yyw https://t.co/vjA7M9RjZH